Sunday, August 22, 2010


Summer is still being good to us!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Recent Happenings of a Long Lost Blogger

We've been staying inside for the most part, keeping out of the heat. Whew! In the weeks since I've posted last a number of exciting things have happened. I thought I was bitten by a brown recluse spider.... I wasn't. We had a little bit of a "rodent" incident one night, and Theodore got a gold medal for bravery and mouser skills. We enjoyed more than a week of various viruses moving through the family (all better now!) and have had many birthday celebrations.

But possibly the most exciting news of all is of our new family member.......

Haha! You thought I was pregnant, didn't you!? I'm not. But I AM the proud feeder of the neighborhood stray kitten!!!!!!!! She is the MOST adorable thing in the world, a long-haired, brown and white puff ball we call Matilda. She spends her days sleeping on our porch swing (remember that pillow I made for our porch swing back in the springtime? I knew I did that for something!) and in the evenings Martin and I have a cup of coffee or tea out on the porch and watch Matilda chase moths and climb trees. She is seriously cute. I NEED to get a picture of her before she grows up!

Anja has been talking more and more and she loves to hear stories about the animals that Martin and I had growing up and about when Theodore was a baby, etc. Lately she's been asking to hear about "our new baby." We don't really know who our new baby is (see above paragraph--trust me, I'm not.) So we tell her about how someday we hope we'll have a new baby and that Anja will be a big sister again and that Greta will be a big sister for the first time. Anja thought this was a good idea. A few minutes later she said very sweetly, "Tell me again about our new baby and throwing Greta away." Hmm.... I THINK she misunderstood some part of the story....

And now we're eating dinner u at my parents' house.