Friday, September 3, 2010

Winding Down

It feels like summer is winding down. I guess it kind of is, since this is Labor Day Weekend and all. Seems like just yesterday I was getting out my white pants, and now I'm already putting them away. Actually, I'm putting them in the yardsale we're having tomorrow. Okay, I'll be honest: I don't really own any white pants. But if I did, you can bet they'd be going in the sale tomorrow.

Every few years we have a yard sale and my mom's house. Location, location, location! We're collecting all sorts of junk from our Big Back Room, clearing out our closets, and anything that isn't gone by 2:00 is being hauled off to Goodwill in one large load. The yard sale is the reason I'm here at my parents' house right now--we brought a load of stuff up here and the girls (who didn't want to come here when we were on our way) didn't want to leave. So now Martin is making trips back and forth bringing the rest of our stuff up here. I'm tired already, but it's worth it to be rid of so much STUFF.

The heat has broken and we've really been enjoying it. Sadly, my tomatoes and green beans are the only produce I'm getting, and even those aren't giving me enough to can... we just get a handful at a time for a meal. Not one single pepper flower all summer long, and now my pumpkins are full of blossoms again, but we've never had a pumpkin. Kind of a bummer, but we have bigger and better plans for next year.
The girls and I have been taking walks again, now that the heat index is less than 110 degrees, and we've discovered a buckeye tree up the street from us! We've been filling our little red wagon with spikey balls and bringing them home to break open, polish up and admire. Also, the oak tree down the street is dropping it's ginormous acorns, so our nature table is filling up fast as Autumn approaches!

Anja's imagination has really taken off lately. She is always pretending to be different things, usually animals. One day though she was a "dragonfly princess"! Also, she tells us stories that she makes up. One of them involves her going into a hole in our kitchen where the baseboards don't quite meet, and borrowing toys. Evidently the hole is also filled with real live cats and dogs. She tells the most magnificent stories!

Martin is taking an HVAC class this semester at Ivy Tech. It makes for long Thursdays for all of us, but that's okay, I think it'll be worth it.

We are going into our third month of being computerless. I love it. Only once in awhile do I really MISS having the internet. For the most part, I don't think of it, and often I come up here and think I should satisfy some "craving" for internet time, but the craving isn't really there anymore. Tonight I felt like I should make some sort of substantial post, just in case anyone still checks up on the old blog, but really I've pretty much kicked the internet habit and am happy to be without it. I've been writing letters to people and spending a lot more time watching my kids play. All good things!

Alright, more garage sale preparations to make! I'm so happy for the cool fallish weather!


Ben Hatke said...

I still check the old blog!

Ann in LA said...

Oh Annie, I still checked your blog all the time in hopes that you'd get internet again. Sounds like you are happier without it, though. Another blog bites the dust!

Happy fall!