Sunday, March 27, 2011

Santa Got Hosed!

The other day we were at Target in the baby doll aisle (because we are ALWAYS at Target in the baby doll aisle) and we saw a doll that Santa brought to the girls for Christmas. At the time it was just a single doll (Cinderella) in the package, whose dress comes off. Now she has a change of clothes as well. I pointed this out to Martin. "Yeah!" he said, "But it's the same price! We totally got ripped off!" He kept going on and on about it, completely ignoring the fact that I was kicking him and telling him to shut up about how much Cinderella cost from the checkout aisle at Target. Finally he gave me that look that says "What? Why are you kicking me?" Me: "Cinderella came from Santa, you moron!" Martin: "Oh. Well... Santa got HOSED!" And now some pictures. Sisters helping put on shoes: Cousins dressed as ballerinas:
An extremely unattractive picture of Anja sitting in the window because my mom was looking over my shoulder while I was posting and wanted to see what this picture was:
Jack (aka, best dog in the world), wearing shoes and socks and beads:
Grace with her sleeping baby sister:
My sister and her baby girl, Avi!
Anja being a ballerina:
Anja with a lollipop:
Anja sitting on the kitchen counter looking sad, even though she was very happily eating apple slices at the time:
Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day by painting with apple halves:
A couple of cute feet:
Greta reading Goodnight Moon to Jack:
Most Beautiful Cat in the World, Matilda:
Cousins, making bread pudding!:

We've all been sick around here with a monsterous cold/sore throat, which because we are us, also includes ear infections. Blah. But at least we're not throwing up! Last week it was fevers, so I consider runny noses and ear infections a step up.

Greta turned two! I forgot my SD card so I have no pictures of her birthday to share today. I can't believe my baby is two years old. *sniff* The day itself actually will probably go down in our family's history as The Worst Birthday Ever, but it doesn't matter. We've been lighting candles and singing Happy Birthday to Greta every day for more than a week, so I don't think the events of the actual day really matter so much. Not in the grand scheme of things, anyway.

Wellllllll..... I wish Winter would hurry up and end because I'm freezing and I'm tired of being freezing. I've planted my peas and lettuce and radishes. It was 70 degrees when I planted. This is a far cry from seventy, that's for sure. It was 26 degrees at 11:00 this morning!!!

Not much else is new around here...


LauraSuz said...

I don't know what you're talking about. Not only did your spread of food look great - it tasted FABULOUS! The birthday girl was cute as ever and your house (I've always said this) is so inviting and cozy! I thought you threw a great party.

Jill said...

Your girls remind me of Frances and Gloria from the Frances books. I bet Anja will be skipping rope and making up little songs someday.