Monday, November 14, 2011


My apology is for the layout of my blog and how weird it is. I'm going to be messing with it in the days/months to come. Don't be alarmed.

The better apology (my sister will appreciate this) comes from my mom who apologized to me tonight, not only for the horrible dress she made me wear to my piano recital AND talent show in 4th grade, but also for the WORST HAIRCUT EVER that she made me have FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE. I had this horrible, horrible, wretched, horrible haircut from the time I was in first grade to the summer after 6th grade. I remember the last time I had my haircut in that awful way because it was for my cousin's wedding that summer and after that she said I could grow it out. And I did! Right away!

I told her she's lucky anyone married me. I also told her I wasn't too embarrassed for Martin to see the video of me in that dress from the piano recital.... 'cause I know his mom made his sisters dress the same way. :)


Anonymous said...

And I apologized too. Funny. Sounds like it was an Apology Day!

TusaRebecca said...

yeah...we had the "same" dresses if not worse! In 6th grade, I wore a jumper dress that mom made out of red and white giant gingham with christmas trees in the white bits and bells for buttons. And I wonder why I was made fun of! Oh well. At least we turned out ok!