Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Sunny Day

I know it's springtime, but I'm always fooled too soon by it... I think, "oh, high temperature of 75 today? Super warm!" but then when I open my windows or go outside in the morning, I realize, "oh. It's cold." And then I'm cold for the rest of the day. And then I'm annoyed because I didn't realize it woudl happen that way, even though it happens that way every day, every year.

I finished the hoodie I've been working on for the new baby:
 I'm really, really happy with the way it turned out. I was going to put toggles on but then I found these buttons which are seriously cute... you can't really tell from this blurry picture, but they have little skeletonish trees on them. Ok, that sounds creepy... they are not creepy, they are cute and woodsy. Just like my baby will be, heh heh.

And here is that baby with his/her big sister, Greta! I know all you people on Facebook have already seen all my pictures by the time I update my blog. I am sorry about that. But at least this picture is still cute.
I'm headed to a doctors appointment this morning to make sure the baby is still in there and hasn't accidentally fallen out. I know the baby IS still in there because I can see it's little feet jabbing out from my belly as I type this. Last night he was doing those bicycle leg excercises, drumming on me from the inside. It was very, very weird.

Here's Greta from the day of her birthday party:
She had recieved that beautiful dress (which she then wore for four days in a row) and some new rainboots from her godparents. It was perfect that it started raining shortly after the party--she was so excited to go outside in her new rainboots! Isn't she cute? I still kind of can't believe she's three. And I can't believe that this morning I put braids in her hair. How can she be that old already?

And speaking of Greta, she's still nursing.  We've tried some bribes, which she's all for until it actually comes to bedtime and then she decides she doesn't want a chocolate bar, she doesn't want a stuffed purple bunny from Ooma, she doesn't want us to be proud and make a fuss over her.  She just wants to nurse.  And then I give in.  Here's the thing that makes it hard for ME... it's not like Greta's health or well being is endangered by her still nursing.  It's not as if she's drinking Mountain Dew or shooting heroin in order to fall asleep.  Nursing is good for her in many ways, even if she is three years old. And it's certainly not HER fault that a new baby is moving in and taking her place as the youngest and neediest sibling.  It seems a little unfair to make her stop when she's not ready. (Even though if I end up tandum nursing I'm going to drown myself. In breastmilk.) So I'm hopeful that she'll decide one of these days that she does want to stop nursing to sleep and it will be an easy transition for her. I don't want to force her. I'm actually hoping that if I keep asking her and trying to tempt her night after night she'll get so annoyed with me that she'll just decide to start going to bed by herself.

In other news, do you ever feel like your life is just one long WAIT? Sometimes I look at everything ahead of us and I think of how there isn't anything I can do about any of it except wait. Wait, wait, wait. The new baby is just one of these things; I'm desperate to know the gender, for one thing, because I want to knit things in non-neutral colors and buy things like tiny swimsuits and fabric to make quick change trousers and oh-my-goodness, have you SEEN some of the gender specific diaper covers out there?!  It's SO HARD NOT KNOWING!!!! But, what can I do but wait?

Right now Anja has Greta on a leash and is taking her for a "walk." Greta is wearing her "pig fur" (pink leotard) but I think she said she's actually a tiger, and she's walking on her hands and feet with her rumpus up in the air. Connected to the leash.

I have an itch to sew but I don't have any projects I'm dying to make. Suggestions, anyone??


Red Herring Jeff said...

I have so many projects pinned on pinterest that I'd have to quit my job and stop being a dad just to get to any of them. Ha-ha-ha! It can be a time sink, but that site is a great place to look for ideas when you don't have any.

It's funny, I usually see your pictures at least three times, but the different context for them makes them feel fresh. Instagram is just about the picture, facebook usually gets some conversation and makes them about what other people think of them, and your blog is where we hear your narration. The three together give such a wonderfully rounded perspective. :)

I'm so glad spring is mostly here, and while it's already hotter than I would like it to be here in Missouri, it's nice to have the windows open and be able to shoo the kids outside for most of the day. Thanks for sharing!

Clare said...

You need to sew some baby pants to go with that cute little hoodie of course! ;)

And just so you know that we are still on the same page, living parallel lives, we are weaning Kieran too. I am much more selfish about it, because I am just done (and getting bitten really bad!) Anyway, this is night #2... I gave in last night because he fell off the bed and scared me half to death. but I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Hope it gets better!

Anne said...

For sewing inspiration, I recommend this site:

This one is good too:

Elisabeth said...

How's weaning going? I remember your question on FB and so I thought I'd check in. I finally had to wean X-man (we're expecting too and my body just said NO one day). I was sad about it--I had wanted to keep going--but also relieved physically. I know he's a bit younger and it's slightly different, but if you ever want to chat about it, let me know! :) Good luck!!!

Annie said...

Elisabeth! Congratulations!! I had no idea you were expecting again, but I'm really excited for you guys. When are you due?

Weaning is simply not happening. We've tried all sorts of bribes, talks, explanations... she's just not having it. Hopefully before June she'll cut herself off, and to her credit, she "tries" every night (for about five seconds.) We'll just have to wait and see!