Thursday, September 13, 2012

Morning Walks

I sometimes go for walks in the mornings. I do this to get some exercise and some "fresh air" to begin my day. Yes, I like to begin my day with my lungs full of bus exhaust fumes and dumpster smell. It's the best. I was good about walking every morning when I was pregnant and I had mixed feelings about it. Even though I was completely self conscious and picked up all sorts of obnoxious comments, it made me feel great. And for some reason it seemed a little more normal to be going on an exercising walk while ginormously pregnant. Now I feel self conscious about that too... Why am I not running like normal people? Why don't I purchase a gym membership? Answers: because I hate running and I feel stupid and flabby when I run; because I don't like people looking at me, so I'd just wind up staying home and getting fatter. (I made the most delicious berry cobbler yesterday! I ate half the pan!!)

So this morning I walked. I avoided passing the same business twice as I avoided passing the same homeless people twice. I felt like a wandering idiot. Martin says I should take one of the dogs, but then I'll end up carrying poop around with me. Yuck. What I wish is that I could have a morning destination. I can't afford to buy my coffee every morning though, and that's the only destination I can think of for 7:30 in the morning. Any suggestions?

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