Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Knitting and Dancers and Crackers OH MY!

 greta, elka, anja
 greta, fixing me tea
 elka, in the car
 a hat for elka
this one anja took! it's called "my mama loves to knit"
 best crackers ever
anja at night

For those of you who have iphones, you probably have already figured this out, but OHMYGOSH, the iPhone camera is incredible! I even have a really nice camera, but the iPhone takes great pictures. Clear, with good focus and nice light. Now, I am by no means a photographer--not even in the slightest sense. I like taking pictures, and I like making my silly snapshots more fun on Instagram. But I am continually surprised by the quality of shot I can get with my phone. MY PHONE!!!! Wild.

Anja and Greta are taking a ballet class now. It's a class for 3 1/2-5 year olds and it is THE cutest thing I've ever seen. There are maybe 9 little girls in the class, most are 5 year olds, but they all wear the same tutus and tights and little shoes, and they all have their long, stringy 5 year old hair pulled back in ponytails and they all spend at least one small portion of the class looking around like they are confused by the idea of putting your arms in the air at an angle. (The teacher puts her arms up like a V, and all the little girls just put their arms straight up in the air, pressed against their ears. They just don't get it. It's so adorable.)

Martin's chugging along through grad school and I'm chugging right alongside him with my knitting. Haha. It's a little bit like when he worked his overnight job and I would stay up all night knitting. I made multiple sweaters during that time. I'm working on a "shalom cardigan" for myself right now, I've made a lot of hats and I'm making a "lark rise to candleford shawl" that I think will end up being exactly what I want.

We've been looking at houses and being continuously disappointed. In the past year we've made offers on three different houses and all of them have fallen through for different reasons. It's VERY frustrating. I told my friend Laura the other day, it's kind of like when you're single and you break it off with another boyfriend.... you don't really care about letting that one go because, clearly, he wasn't the one. But, OHMYGOLLY, when is the right one going to come along?!?! WHAT'S THE HOLDUP!?!? (This makes it sound like I've had a lot of boyfriends. That isn't true, but it is true that I was never too upset to see any of them go!) We know what we want and hope it's in our future soon. Until then, we'll just keep on waiting and checking in on realtor.com.

I am a boring person. Our evening is beginning now though.... so it's time to make a pot of coffee. Num num.


kels said...

you're not boring, i loved this post. also miss you guys!! those pictures are adorable, of course, because the girls are adorable. and i can't imagine the cuteness of that ballet class!!

Mrs. H. said...

best crackers ever!