Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer..... and Elka is One

 Do you remember this 8 pound bundle of mohawk amazingness? It's hard to believe that she has gone from that little bundle of joy to this little bundle of mischief!
Elka. Elkaberry. Elkaphant. ElkaDelka. (or, the similar, ElikaDelika.) E. Elkie. Elkie-doodle. (and the also similar, but "mom don't call me that in public" version,  Elka-Doo-Doo.)

She is scrumptious and funny and fun and loveable. She has the loudest scream of anyone I've ever known. She is extremely opinionated and has made it very clear that she WILL NOT be bossed around by her big sisters. She's got a good grip. She loves to eat! She really, REALLY loves water. She has six teeth, green eyes, and still rocks the mohawk. She is wonderful!

And now she is one. An entire year has gone by and she went from a snuggly blob of person to a walking, talking, understanding PERSON. Last summer will live on in my mind as the most sunny, relaxing, liesurely summer of my entire life. It was amazing. It was like my entire life was just a huge beach vacation. (except replace that gorgeous beach view with my scummy street. Not quite the same. But still relaxing.) This summer is not quite as relaxing, but it is lots of FUN. All because of that silly one year old and her busy big sisters!

I wish I could keep this blog up more regularly. I saw a friend at church on Sunday, who also has three children, roughly the same ages as mine, and we were talking about how three is great number, but all of our time is spent parenting. There's no time for anything else. That's how I feel these days--it's pretty crazy, but it's a good crazy.

A good example of this is my Right Now: It's 12:25am and I am practically falling off my chair I'm so tired, but I can't go to bed because I have cherry handpies in the oven that have 15 minutes left to bake. I'm making handpies from the cherries we picked today with the cousins after swimming practice, because tomorrow after swimming we are having a Cherry Picnic with all these cherries we picked today. But swimming lessons start at 9:30 and I struggle to get myself and all three girls ready and over to the pool by that time. So, it's a good busy, but it's a busy busy.

More later, someday, when my brain can wake up a little more.


Red Herring Jeff said...

I was just thinking today that it's been a long while since you've done a blog post. :D They always brighten my day.

The busyness (business? busieness?...google seems to think I got it right the first time.) never seems to stop, does it? And here we are with the summer nearly half over, and the older girls getting ready to start kindergarten. Big changes coming this year.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs!

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