Monday, May 18, 2009

Haaaarrd Times, Haaaarrd Times, Come Again No More!

Okay, our times aren't THAT hard, but we do like to sing that song for kind of a joke. The carlessness is a pretty good adventure, and the best part is, it's really not much of an inconvenience at all. We did miss PeterXavier's birthday party on Sunday, but not without making a good effort! We'd gotten him a yummy Black Forest Tart of the personal size from O'Rear's Bakery after church, but that night, after we'd missed the party and it was late and Anja had FINALLY gone to sleep and Greta still hadn't, we made a cup of coffee, sat down at the table, and thoroughly enjoyed eating PeterXavier's birthday present. Don't worry, we'll replace it, or get him something else.

Our days have been filled with long walks, even though we don't yet have anyplace to go. We found out the worst news ever on Sunday: Vienna no longer accepts fully punched cards for vanilla chai! Only coffee and espresso!!!!!! My life is over. There was no joy like going to Vienna and enjoying a FREE double vanilla chai. *sigh* Hard Times!!

Martin's going to be working late many nights for the next few weeks as "walk-in" season gets busy. Blech!

Good news regarding my education! Martin has discovered that I can take all these classes for free at Ivy Tech and under a special agreement with Purdue, if I take specific classes toward a specific English associates degree they will all transfer to Purdue without a hitch and I'll be able to continue there to get my bachelors. Yay! Not only that, but I'll be able to take most of the classes (except maths and languages) online!! Unfortunately, most of the time I already spent at Ivy Tech was filled with Early Childhood Education classes, which of course, don't mean much for an English degree. But still! For free! This is good news.

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TusaRebecca said...

Yay for free Ivy Tech. Boo for Cafe Vienna. I almost went yesterday for a free double chia. Drat to that. I don't want a free coffee and certainly don't want a free espresso. I filled that card up by buying Chai. Why can't I have a free Chai? Stupid.