Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Poop Machine

We'd been thinking we kind of had our hands full lately, what with having two babies who aren't such great sleepers. Ha! Little did we know that we had another load coming... You might remember last summer when I was posting about our dog, Karenin, and her explosive diarrhea; how Martin would wake up every morning to a cage full of dog poo, and a dog covered in said poo, and how he'd spend the morning cleaning up the mud room and the dog until finally he decided it was easier to just get up every hour to take the dog out, and THEN we finally decided it was time for a trip to the vet, who unfortunately told us that this "gasterointeritis" is very common. COMMON! Well, at least this time we knew what it was and Martin only had to spend one night waking up every hour, and even that wasn't a very long night, considering Greta didn't go to sleep until 1:00 and Martin stayed up after that washing the dishes and finishing his workout. Luckily we were able to get her in at 7:00 this morning and everything worked out just as last time. But still..... I'd like to know exactly how often we're going to have this little problem over Karenin's life... because that life might turn out to be a limited time offer.

This morning I had my six week postpartum checkup. Everything is normal and great, but I find this six-week check kind of sad in a way. You spend the better part of a year looking forward to your appointments, you finally get to the point where the ladies at the reception desk know you by name, you finally get to the point where you can joke with your doctor, and then it's over. And obviously I'd rather have my Greta than a Tuesday morning appointment with my "lady doctor," and it's not like I'm actually sad about this... it's just a funny thing to think of. No more doctor appointments. Even the well-baby visits are becoming more spaced out. Oh well... if it hadn't been for that appointment this morning, I could've taken a walk with my sister and her kids!

Last night we worked in the garden as a family. I put Greta on a quilt and she was sooooooo happy to just lie there on her back and look at... whatever she can see at her age. I'm sure she at least enjoyed the fresh air. But we were having such a hard time keeping Anja away from her (Anja tends to show her affection for her little sister by doing things like sitting on her head) that not much work was getting done. We tried bringing Greta's swing out, but she wasn't happy there, and then Martin tried taking Anja and the dog on a walk, but Greta was unhappy anyway so I wasn't getting any work done either.... so we loaded them all up and took a walk over to the levee and back. It was the perfect summer evening. A good meal, a little bit of garden work, a little bit of family walk, and then Anja went easily to bed. One of the cutest things was when I was digging my holes for my pepper plants and Anja came over with a couple of rocks and dropped them in. So cute!

By 10:30 this morning both girls had exploded out of their diapers and were in new outfits! Wheee!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that when Anja exploded out of HER diaper is went all over ME! New outfit for Ooma, too.
Love, Mama

Anne said...

haha - gotta love those explosive diapers! :o)

Joannie said...

Hm, I know a way you can go back to regular appointments with your "lady doctor" ... hee hee.

Sarah said...

Are the explosvie diapers due to the crummy new diapers from Target???