Monday, January 10, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Christmas season is over now, and I can safely say it was the best, most magical Christmas EVERRRRRRRR thanks to having two little fairy princesses who are old enough to really (and I mean REALLY) get into the festivities. SO MUCH FUN.

Post-Christmas activities so far have included a nice stomach bug and Anja's first viewing of The Nutcracker put on by the local Ballet Company. It was magical for her! She sat through the whole thing so beautifully that even some old ladies at Panera afterward commented! (Evidently they'd been sitting right behind us. Weird, huh?)

Today we are at a tea party at Ooma's house, put on by Anja's cousin Grace, who does put on a lovely tea party.

A crafting update:

It was a handmade Christmas for sure, mostly sewing projects, and a few knitted things handed around to family members and friends. I've been really hooked on embroidering felt adorableness onto anything I can find... and I've been starting a few different knitting projects as well. Also I've been experimenting with greeting cards, made out of different things both glued and sewn. Kind of fun!

A Girls Update:

Greta talks now. Not just random words here and there, but like really talking. I mean having conversation talking. SO much different than Anja, who I'm not sure had a working vocabulary of ten words at this age.

But Anja's vocabulary now? Now Anja says things like "Oftentimes Daddy goes to work" and she talks most of the time in narrative style, telling me as she runs through the kitchen, "'Oh my goodness!' the little girl exclaimed as she ran through the kitchen!" It's actually a little bit weird.

I can't believe that Greta is fast approaching her 2nd birthday. Where did the last two years go?! And Anja is marching through her third year of life. Craziness. And my nieces and nephews?!? HUGE! And you know what it all comes down to? I'm getting old. OLD. On Sunday we saw a family who was always the young family supplying new babies. I'm not sure how old their youngest is now, but definitely not a newborn and the older ones, who are supposed to be toddlers are GINORMOUS. Like, facial hair ginormous. And I just don't know how that happens! And then I look in the mirror and I notice that I'M getting old! (Thankfully I still don't have facial hair...) But wrinkles and general oldness are taking over. Sad, sad, sad.

On a brighter note, yesterday while Anja and I went to the Nutcracker, Martin took Greta on a date for the FIRST TIME EVER. This is good news for everyone!
Snow tomorrow!!!


LauraSuz said...

I miss my friend.

I love the update.

kels said...

oh my word, greta is getting SO BIG! well, so is anja! i feel like i haven't seen you in forever and i live right next door. darn winter.