Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures of the Season

Here are some pictures from our winter/Christmas 2010-2011.
Some Christmas crafting:

Mary and Joseph decided to take a truck to Bethlehem this year.
We went to the Union to see the tree and gingerbread house. We met this VERY enthusiastic woman visiting her daughter!

We made brownies for the garbage men and our postman.

The girls got a Celebration Ring to begin our Christmas season! And Auntie Perkins was there to join in the festivities!

Anja recieved a Hello Kitty backpack from AunT!
Christmas Eve at Ooma and Oompa's house:
I made Bella a crown and cloak.
Christmas Morning! Santa brought balloons!!
A nice Christmas morning shot
They got some stickers.
Greta pretending to sleep on Anja's Hello Kitty pillow. (How is she so into Hello Kitty? We have no idea!)
Didn't mean to include this picture....
See that box in the background? Our friends gave us a WAFFLE MAKER! Talk about the best Christmas gift EVER!
My mom got Martin a gun. Um, yeah. Uncle Joel and Martino.

Uncle Joel and Auntie Perkalator on WAFFLE NIGHT!!!!!
Oops, I put this one in twice. That's because they are such good friends!
Our friends the Meeks made fairy headwreathes and fairy wands for the girls and brought them over one day. What a wonderful surprise!
The gingerbread house... how did this get here? And another...
Anja and I went for a date to see the Nutcracker! SUCH FUN!! And she wore her ballet slippers!!!
This is Anja, on a table, in a tutu, drinking a bottle.
Possibly my favorite picture of Anja ever.
And this is Greta being a puppy.
And this is Anja and Martin building a snowman on a snowy day before Christmas!

And we are having a delightful life otherwise! Hope you are too!!!

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