Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blogging Troubles

So, I've been trying to update my blog for a few days but we are having some computer problems.

Three weeks till my due date; the house is in order, warm weather has arrived, yard sales have supplied me with a fresh supply of newborn sized clothes, we're just all waiting, waiting, waiting. I hope we don't really have a whole three weeks left to wait, but even if we do, I know it will fly by. Then I'll have a crying newborn and think of how good I had it during pregnancy, lol.
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Gene Hatke said...

Wow! That picture looks like it is from a calendar! You should enter it in some kind of photography contest....seriously!
Love, mama

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What's wrong with the computer? :(

Anonymous said...

Annie: I thought you were going to blog today! I look forward to it!

SamG said...

I agree. That is a wonderful picture.

Clare said...

Adorable picture! And I have to say, I have never preferred pregnancy over a crying newborn. EVER. haha. :) It won't be long yet! Walk a lot, eat all the pineapple you can... and take some black cohash!