Friday, May 11, 2012

Preparing the Nest

You might remember my last post where I voiced my excitement at my clothes fitting again. Well.... they already don't. Again.

I still have more than four weeks left till my official due date. If the baby keeps growing at it's current rate, I'll have to have a homebirth simply because I won't be able to fit out my front door. *sigh*

In the meantime, I've been nesting in a completely insane way. It's nuts. I am not the "cleaning" type by nature--I have lived for many years in perfect harmony with my clutter and dust bunny friends-- but suddenly I've been struck with this urge to clean EVERYTHING. I mentioned a few things I'd done last week, but recent activities also include washing the inside of my washing machine lid, dusting all the baseboards in the house, scrubbing the outsides of all my kitchen cabinets, and painting the stairway (finally!). That last is my biggest and most important accomplishment, and here is a picture to show my pride:
 I am so, so pleased with how the landing is turning out as painted floors. Martin chose the absolute perfect color--he chose exactly what I had envisioned, except if I had been the one to go to the hardware store and choose it, I would've gotten it wrong. (Those who remember my nuclear glow bathroom might have an idea of how bad I am with paint color.) Upstairs on the landing it's mostly painted except for a little strip which is holding two dressers and a very large trunk full of fabric. All that furniture has to be moved before we can rip up that last strip of carpet and finally finish the floors. Maybe this weekend! But more likely next.  I have plans to make the landing a sort of extension of the bedroom. It will have a chair and a dresser that will be our changing table (the same green dresser that we used for the other girls) and it already has a shelf full of diapering stuff, including this adorable cover that we recently got:
 Love it. I'm so excited to have someone in diapers again. It's been a long time! And newborn diapers are SO TINY!!!!

Another thing my nesting has gained us is a cleared out, cleaned out, rearranged bedroom where we all fit and we all have our own bed! Greta was thrilled to have her own little bed at last, and Anja was happy to once again have her bed all to herself. And I am happy to not be sleeping in a twin bed anymore! Our room looks great (so great, in fact, that I invited my sister up to see it yesterday--usually the entire upstairs is a place of great mystery to visitors.) Now I'm ready for baby to come, and I hope he/she does so before the house turns to shambles again. That would be a little frustrating.

But the nesting urge has slowed. In fact, maybe even stopped. Yesterday I had these vague ideas of things I'd like to get done--organizing Martin's closet where our shoes and sweaters are heaped on the floor, doing a bit of outside work, clearing out toy baskets--but none of that happened. Instead we went to McCords with my sister and her kids for lunch!
And then I spent the afternoon mostly knitting and doing a teensy bit of laundry. The organizing just didn't seem so important anymore.

By the way, it's so fun to go out to eat at McCords and have all the kids sitting at their own table! It was soooooo cute.

Happy Weekend! And Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas reading this blog. May your day be full of pampering and sticky kisses.


Mrs. H. said...

Looks like everyone had a great time...and no one fell over the side!
I really love your stairs....what a huge difference!

Mrs. H. said...

PS I hate carpet!