Monday, May 2, 2011

Old and Out of Touch

Last night was kind of cold and kind of damp and after the girls went to bed it was the perfect night for sipping vanilla chai on the front porch swing. So Martin headed out to Vienna to pick up a couple for us. He texted me quite awhile later, "I am old and out of touch." I replied that Vienna makes me feel that way too, but had something happened?

Turns out he'd been asked by a group of college kids to take their picture. Of course, he said he'd be glad to, and one girl handed him her iPhone. (I am laughing even while I type this.) He didn't know what to do. He actually held it up like a camera, screen facing toward the group, and was looking for a button to push. He got all flustered and the girl came to help him, then he evidently proceeded to take really bad pictures. They wanted a picture of all of them jumping, and he just couldn't get one of them in their jump. And then, instead of saying something mean and sarcastic as he would usually do in an embarrassing situation, he was just like, "Oh, sorry... I'm sorry I missed it again... um.... I'm not very good at taking pictures..." and finally the girl came up and took her phone back and that was it. He came home. His exact words were, "It was so bad, Annie." For the record, Martin's mother AND my mother both have iPhones, from which they text each other, and us, daily. They are both in their 60's. And my husband, who isn't even very close to being thirty, couldn't figure one out AT ALL.

Oooh, Martino. I know I've always said I'd like to grow old with you, but at this point I'm not really sure how much "growing" can be left to do in that direction.


Anne said...

haha - poor Martin!!! I'd probably be doing the same thing. I'm always a few steps behind the latest technology!

LauraSuz said...

I haven't had that with an iPhone but I know there have been times where I feel completely out of touch with what's going on around me, in fashion, in technology, and I'm sure in other areas.

E said...

I'm with Martin too, I think. I don't think I could work an iPhone either. Then again, if Apple were to give me one for free, I'd sure give it a college try! ;) lol