Tuesday, May 17, 2011

These pictures are from sometime back in April when we took a little daytrip down to one of our favorite places, Paoli. If you've never seen Southern Indiana in the springtime, it's well worth the miles and hours, no matter how far the distance from home.

We had lunch here at the Lost River Market. Picked up some of their fresh deli sandwiches and a few snacks (raspberry yogurt covered pretzels, anyone?) and it was such a sunny day, we sat out on their patio to eat.
Inside the store they have those little kid-sized carts!

We brought Jack with us. He really enjoyed it!

After the good lunch we headed down to this lake..... I can't remember what it's called, but the drive to it from Paoli was beyond gorgeous.

I heart Indiana. It was a fabulous trip!

In crafting news, I've been mostly just knitting, knitting, knitting. I'm working on a green sweater for myself now, which is (so far) turning out pretty well. I've not been sewing much, but I did make Anja a skirt the other day out of this weird quilt top that had been sitting in our back room (which is competely empty and stripped of carpet!) for four years. I cut it into two wrap skirt-ish things, then sewed one up for Anja. It's not really a wrap skirt--that seemed a little troublesome for a three year old--it's just made with an elastic waistband. She loves it! With the other piece, I intend to make one for Greta.

Now this is the part of the post where I talk about how obsessed with my animals I am.

I try not to talk too much about my animals. I know it seems kind of weird. Two beautiful children and I can't get enough of my cat? Hm. I'm pretty obsessed with my kids too, though. Today I called Greta back into the kitchen after breakfast so I could wipe the jam off her hands and face. She came in and put out one hand, then held up the other one and said "I wiped this one on some underpants."

Anja is very imaginative. She's come up with a holiday called "Bone Day" which is when you sing "Happy Bone Day to You" to your dogs and give them bones! We got some bone-shaped dog biscuits at the store that day, and got a toy bone for them too. We sang the song A LOT... to everyone we saw too, not just dogs! It was a happy holiday.

Also, Anja has a whole houseful of pets (and she doesn't REALLY live with me... she lives in her own pink house, alone... well, except for the pets. And Greta lives in a purple house next door.) She has a cat named Squeaky who has a kitten named Smodo. She has two dogs, Dogalina and Raincone. They are yellow labs! Such a beautiful imagination.

Greta is obsessed with lights. When the lights are not turned on in a room she tells me "A cow is mooing!!!!" So.... that's Greta these days.

My garden! We've collected some lettuce and my peas are doing great! We bought some really, really sad tomato plants for fifty cents, and I'm hoping that with a little TLC they will produce much fruit for us throughout the summer!! Also we've planted radishes, carrots and onions.

I'm at my parents right now.... and it's way past bedtime, soooo.....



LauraSuz said...

that last picture might be the best ever. Sooo cute!

Jill said...

Smodo is a really great name.

Joannie said...

It was well worth scrolling down to find this post.
I love that last picture! :)