Friday, May 13, 2011

Trying again here on the ole iPhone. No, definitely new iPhone, and definitely beyond my brain capacity. I'll keep this short in order to lessen my frustration when it doesn't publish:
- bought yarn today. Will be sweater for me.
- summer weather is lovely, but when will my house get clean if I'm outside all day?
- been clearing out the pumpkin patch. (of weeds, not pumpkins) hopefully we'll get it fenced in before the vines creep onto the sidewalk.
- Matilda went into heat.
- Matilda got spayed.
- Martin hosted a self-defense class here last weekend so the girls and I were supplied with much entertainment!
- I don't like spiders.
- Anja just had her half birthday. That means she's halfway to being 4. I'm just not sure I can handle that.
- on Monday I attended my sole social obligation of the year, the Shirley Martin songwriting scholarship awards night. I was feeling pretty good about myself, thinking I didn't look too bad, I wasn't seeming to be too uncomfortable with being out from my rock, my kids looked presentable. Then I got home and saw that I had blueberry juices smeared all across my forehead. Goodbye, self confidence! Thanks for the nice ten minutes!
- I'd like to figure this thing out and get myself back into the blog world.

Next time I'll try picture AND text!

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