Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am Cold

Hello, Autumn! I finished my cowl/tube/loose scarf-like thing without annoying ends (inspired by Soulemama archives) last night, just in time for today's pleasant chill.
I like it. I get the feeling that Martin is laughing at me as I wear it, but I'm trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter because in the end I am the warmer one. Also, he was the one trying to convince me last night that I should keep going to make it big enough to be pulled over my head as a hood. Um, no thanks. I'm 27, not 77. (he thinks I care too much about fashion and not enough about survival. He seems to think a woobie will save my life.)

Anyway. After a very full day we had an AMAZING dinner of squash soup and biscuits, then went for gelato at Greyhouse. It was a good family date. Sadly, I'm not able to get the photo to upload to this post. Gee, big surprise.

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1 comment:

kels said...

this made me laugh... particularly the part that said "he thinks I care too much about fashion and not enough about survival." I, for one, love your creation! it looks so nice and cozy {and fashionable!}. :)