Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Most Eventful Weekend

This is now an outdated post and I will make a new one soon. But LAST weekend provided a lot of excitement such as a Hatke family reunion, Greta having pinworms, some serious rockstar faces by Anja and one of our neighbors being found dead in his apartment.

But now the pinworms are gone, Fall has arrived and the Feast of the Hunter's Moon was the most recent and very fun event. Pictures soon. I will say that my girls were the most adorable little 18th century French children ever. I did a lot of sewing the week prior. Today the pack baskets are being returned to the Seasonal Closet until next year. It's always kind of sad when the Feast ends.

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kels said...

what?! who was found dead?? is that why there were all those police cars a few weeks ago?? yikes!

Sarah said...

Hey look, I don't look like an over excited crazy person in your picture! Much better.

Annie said...

Yeah, Kelsey, it was the short round bulldoggish guy who walked back and forth on the sidewalk a few times a day and otherwise sat on his steps drinking. In the blue building. Crazy, huh!?