Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crafting By Hand

While I'm busy NOT painting the floors of my craft area, I've been doing a lot of non-machine-sewing projects.  Mostly knitting, but also giving this *free* bag from Michael's a foxy little makeover. I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I got the idea from a 2007 Soulemama post, where she had put on a cute tree applique to an old, worn out--but still fully functional--tote bag.  This bag came sporting a huge Paton's logo on the side, which is fine, but Paton's doesn't have the cutest logo in the world, and it's printed on both sides.  So I covered up one side.  I'm thinking of using this as our "diaper bag" for the new baby, because it's the perfect size--MUCH smaller than a normal diaper bag, but one of those bottomeless pit type things with inside pockets and everything.  I'm thinking it'll be perfect for summer outings with three (THREE!) little children.

I know the picture is not great quality... it's a phone picture because I don't have my camera with me.

Various knitting projects include a blue wool diaper cover, which I may or may not have enough yarn to finish, my orange sweater which now has two front pieces and a good chunk of back, and a newly started red and grey sweater for new baby, which, if it turns out, promises to be a cute little fall jacket with toggle closures. I loooove knitting baby sweaters because they whip up so quickly!

My sister-in-law told me the other night about "the drive-thru sweater" which is supposedly super fast to knit, but is made on circular needles.  I haven't seen a picture of it... but I'm thinking I might have to learn how to do that circular knitting. And double pointed needles too, because I'd like to make socks for this new baby.  (If I ever attempted socks for myself, I know I would quickly become a member of the One Sock Club. I'll stick to baby-sized.)

In other baby news, I am--what--23 weeks along?  Essentially, I'm not very pregnant.  A little more than halfway. But I. AM. HUGE. And this baby is riding so high... it's already kicking my rib cage. And I have heartburn all the time. It's unfortunate.  I'm not ready to wear tent clothes yet.

Oh, and speaking of clothes... Martin and I had an in-depth conversation about personal style last night.  We both mentioned those days when we put on something and we just don't feel like ourselves and it kind of bothers us all day.  And I realized, maybe that's part of the reason I feel so self-conscious when I'm pregnant... half the maternity clothes in my collection are not really mine, the whole box is a collection of four women over the course of nine years. A lot of the clothes I wear while I'm pregnant are not really "me."  Not to mention selection in general is more limited and generally less my style. Funny! 

I have more ideas for little non-sewing projects for this time while my floors are remaining unpainted. But while I'm working on those, the collection in my brain of things I want to sew is definitely growing!  I am wanting to make a non-padded mei-tai for this baby for when it's tiny.  The one I have is heavily padded, which is awesome for when the baby is just a little bigger--but I want something slightly different for the newborn days. Can anyone tell me, does the Beco(sp?) carrier work well for newborns?  The Ergo is my all-time favorite for big babies and toddlers, but I've never wanted to get the "newborn insert" because it just seems kind of weird.

Ugh! I ate some string cheese! HEARTBURN!!

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Clare said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT BAG!!! Seriously, it is killing me with cuteness!!!!!!!! And it is inspirring me to make appliqued everything with foxes for Kieran! Boys clothes are so ugly now that he is in toddler sizes.

I am rambling though. I don't love the beco for newborns. I don't like the way their heads sit, and I feel like their legs are stretched far apart, or too bunched up. and since it is so expensive, I would make a wrap, sling or mei tei. I had a moby with Kieran that was snug and cute and perfect. I think I am just going to do a sling with future babies because I hate all that wrapping and how hard it is to take them off when they fall asleep. that is my opinion... but everryone is different. :)

Jill said...

I'd agree with Clare about the Beco - it's not the best for newborns; i usally use a sling for the first few weeks. but it's not long at all before they're big enough and i find the beco much more comfortable. my next-door neighbor has been wearing her ergo over her shoulder like a sling for her newborn (her baby is two weeks old)...I'm not sure how she does it, though...i didn't look very closely.

also, i love you little fox bag, too! such a cute idea!!

Annie said...

Thanks for the carrier tips. Anna ways saying that she has a New Native pouch sling for her newborns, and I borrowed a Moby from my sister-in-law when Anja was a newborn, and that worked well too.... and I think they have come down in price since then. If the Beco isn't good for newborns, then I will just stick with my Ergo. The leg thing I find to be true with the mei tai as well. Thanks!

Elisabeth said...

I wouldn't get the Beco. That insert looks awkward. The new Boba is great--supposedly you can fold up the bottom and use it for newborns. I switched my Ergo for the Boba mostly because it wasn't tall enough for my boy and the Ergo buckle hit me on the waist funny. But if you don't want to spend any more on it... I'd just stick with a ring sling--they're best for newbies anyway! If you do want to use your Ergo, there's an insert you can buy. Anyway, sorry if that's too much info--I'm surrounded by hardcore babywearers down here in Florida, so I hear this type of talk all day on FB! :)