Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time, Time, Time

 This is what my sweater pattern currently looks like.  *sigh*

So after reading a recent post over at Dulce Domum, I seriously considered posting a picture of my own laundry room for all the wide web world to see.  Then I read her more recent post and saw that evidently her mom was less enthusiastic about the state of the laundry room than, say, I was… and I decided that if Mrs. W. didn’t approve of Jill’s laundry room, then there was no way my own mother would approve of a picture of my own.  It’s downright scary.  But just to make Jill feel better about her roasting pan, know that I keep my crock pot in my laundry room—snuggled into a box full of dirty clothes that may or may not EVER get washed!!  so instead of coming clean, I'm posting this cute picture of Greta, where the pan conveniently covers the disgusting grime that lives around my burner!

I’ve started another sweater for myself.  (Pattern pictured above.) It’s kind of an orangey-red, the yarn is Cascade Eco-Wool (or something like that).  I really like Cascade yarns… they are relatively cheap, good quality wools.  And you can get those huge, huge, huge skeins for $20 at our knitting store.  I think I’m going to be able to make all but the sleeves of this sweater with that one skein of yarn.  The unfortunate thing is that when I bought it, they didn’t have another of that same color…. Maybe I’ll be making a vest!  Haha!

Again, after thinking about how good we have it with our kids rarely getting sick, Greta got some sort of bug the other day.  Not a big deal… throwing up for a night and not herself off and on for the next two days.  No fever or anything—pretty mild.  But there I went, jinxing myself again!

So, back to the Disney Princess movies—as it turns out, I think Anja was more freaked out by Beauty & the Beast than she’d originally let on.  She’s dropped subtle hints (like covering her ears when we’re quoting the Beast) that she actually WAS scared by the Beast.  So I think we’ll cut out the Princess movies for now and stick with the old 70’s movies like Robin Hood and Aristocats.  Definitely no scary parts in those!

Along with the sweater, I’ve begun knitting a pair of baby leg warmers for the new baby.  I’m using a rainbow-y sock yarn by Patons…. For which I received a free tote bag upon purchase!!!!  I do love me some free stuff.  Especially when all I have to do to GET free stuff is buy some yarn!  I’m kind of dying to know the gender of this child.  I want so much to start making him/her stuff….. and I know I won’t have time to do it once he’s actually HERE, so I wish I could get started now!!!  But at least by the time it’s cool enough for knitted things, this baby will be 4+ months into his life, so I’ll have the time to make things for fall.  And if we’re being honest, the older the baby, the cuter it looks in handknits. 

I was taking a peek at Soulemama’s blog (like I say I never do—ha!) and she had some pictures of her baby in her new highchair.  Her little baby is SO round—it reminded me so much of Anja’s baby pictures!!!  Her baby resembles Anja at that age in just the tiniest way and it was so funny to remember that age.  Anja was so round and cute!  Gosh, time flies.

And speaking of time flying, I feel like I have zero time lately for anything other than washing dishes, cleaning up after people/animals (Theodore is working his way out, but he’s still here) and trying my best to keep up with the laundry.  Am I just noticing the mess more these days or are we really getting messier?  In any case,  my blogging and general correspondence with people is really suffering. It’s frustrating.  And in the little slots of free time that I have, I don’t feel like there’s enough to do something like write a blog post or write a letter to someone (and if I don’t finish a letter in one sitting, it’s a goner—Greta WILL find and destroy) so I just end up doing a little bit of knitting. Which is good… I’m not complaining about that.  I just wish I had more time for the other stuff too.

Geez, mostly it’s the dishes. I feel like we’ve been generating A LOT of dirty dishes lately.  And I just can’t keep up!

And on top of that we have a number of home improvement projects that are on the To-Do list.  Who knows when those will get done.  Ugh.
Speaking of time... it's up for blogging.  Now it's BEDtime.

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Clare said...

Get Anja to help with the dishes! I usually pile some of the sturdier things for the kids to wash. It keeps them busy for a while, and even if you have to re-rinse some of them, its easier than washing from scratch. Though I must say, a dishwasher really seems like a good idea!! ha!

Also, Cinderella is a very mild princess movie. Snow white has that scary forest scene, but my kids found that silly, not scary!

I can't wait to see all your knitting projects!! And your little baby boy/girl! :)