Friday, July 18, 2008

As the Weekend Rolls In...

I'm not one to complain about the heat, but I don't like taking Anja out in it for long periods of time, which greatly cuts down on our number (and length) of walks these days. I'm eager for the 80 degree days to return. But our house is cool, which is great, and our porch is shady all day, so we spend a lot of time out there during the day.

Last night was horrible! Anja went to bed at 8:00; Martin brewed a pot of coffee while I was putting her down. After she was asleep we went to the porch and sat on the swing drinking coffee and talking. We had the monitor right there with us, and Anja never woke up. Finally when it was getting late, we decided to go to bed... I went back to the bedroom to check on Anja and she wasn't in her bed. That's not TERRIBLY unusual, since she's rolled off her bed before. That's why we have pillows next to the bed and a bundled quilt beyond that... so if she rolls off there's no way she'll possibly get hurt. But she wasn't on the pillows either. I didn't see her until I was all the way in the room--she had fallen off the FRONT of the bed!!! She was lying on the floor with her eyes open, and I seriously thought she was dead. It was terrible!!! Of course, I picked her up and she was perfectly fine, although she was completely covered in dog hair grossness, but I don't know how she got off the bed or why she didn't make any sounds while she was moving. The only thing I can think is that she woke up happy and crawled right off the edge. It was very awful and I hope it never happens again. We drove her back to sleep and every time she woke up in the night I would sit up to nurse her and then put her back in her carseat to sleep because I was too afraid to put her back in her bed.

But today was pretty good. Martin went to the second day of his conference; yesterday we walked him over, but today Anja wasn't awake in time so we didn't. It got over at 1:00 and he brought flowers home to me as a surprise! How nice! Funnily, my sister saw him walking home with them so she told my mom and my mom mentioned it on the phone. I should've pretended to know nothing about it and make her think he was having an affair, but I didn't think quickly enough. Too bad.

Martin took a nap while I made an early dinner. He had a ride-along scheduled with the Lafayette police for tonight so he requested a big dinner and an afternoon nap. He wouldn't be getting home until around 3:00 in the morning or so. So I made a giant dinner of baked potatoes (HUGE potatoes) Lemonicious Chicken, green beans and a delicious tomato that my mom brought by for us. It was a scrumptious dinner but I wasn't very hungry (I'd had a lot of lunch) and he had just woken up from his nap so HE wasn't very hungry, so we didn't really eat all that much of the dinner. Aaanyway... we also didn't get much eaten because I spent most of my time feeding Anja bananas (she's really starting to love being fed and it's SO CUTE to watch) and then it was time for Martin to get ready for his ride-along which started at 6:00. So I cleaned up and he left and I was feeding Anja a few minutes later when he called to tell me that the ride-along was cancelled. He thinks they forgot he was coming because evidently they asked him to fill out the same paperwork he'd filled out when he'd gone in to request the ride-along date, and then a sgt. came out and told him they were too busy to do a ride-along tonight, and that he could come back another time. BUMMER!! Because he can't really come back another time, this is his vacation he can sleep all day if he wants to, that's why he scheduled it for this weekend.

So to make up for that disappointment we went to Vienna and spent a gift certificate we had in our Gift Certificate Drawer--it was from Laura and Dan!--and got ourselves each a double vanilla chai. We sat on the patio and saw our friend Ben, as we almost always do, then on the way home we swung through Target where Martin got to see Anja ride in the grocery cart!!!!! I'm telling you, we have so much fun with that baby. She gets soooooooo excited to be in the cart, and holds on and smiles through the store, as if she thinks she's really something special. So we took her all around the store (even though we were only there for 3 things) and then when we were finished, we drove her to the very farthest away cart corrall before finally taking her out. Her favorite part is definitely going through the parking lot. She LOVES it! And on the way home we were very gross and got a cherry coke from the drive-thru at the gas station. Martin's a lot grosser than I am though because he drank most of it.

I think in the end the day turned around, even though martin had to go to his boring conference and then didn't get to do the ride-along he'd so much been looking forward to. Now Anja is asleep and, wow! it's late! I think it's time for me to be asleep too.

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Maryanne said...

When my oldest was about Anja's age, she rolled off of my bed while taking a nap. I remember hearing this loud THUMP and then crying. Oh, how my heart broke! I felt like the worst mother in the world! It was so scary.

By the way, I found your blog through Anne Neulieb's. You have a beautiful family.