Monday, July 21, 2008

What Will Do It?

Its becoming more and more obvious that no matter what the luring item that finally motivates Anja to crawl is, it most definitely won't be me. It might be the cat, it might be her rubber duck, it might be the smallest piece of carpet lint that just HAS to be tasted... but it won't be me. She never even TRIES to crawl over to me. But she is often very determined to get to other things. For instance, she actually did crawl tonight; she made about three swift moves to get to her Taggies book.

This morning we read books on the porch while it rained. When the sun came out we went to the grocery store where Anja rode in the cart with great enthusiasm and we ran into my mom in the parking lot. In the afternoon we did a little bit of housework before meeting up with Martin's family at the fair--even AnnLaura and Aurelio were there! Much fun.

Then we came home and decided to start really moving the bedrooms. So we did. I mean, we didn't complete the job, but Martin borrowed a ladder from the Cooks and got up on the roof where he was able to take the screen off the bedroom window AND saw off the huge branches that were overtaking the top of our house. It was a lot of work for one evening. While he was doing that, I was entertaining Anja who had gone to sleep but woken up with no available bed to go back to sleep in. Eventually we got the beds made and the window unit installed and now Anja is sleeping comfortably upstairs in our real bedroom, which is still full of boxes and all sorts of junk. However, we know what we're going to do with all the junk, which is a huge step. No, we're not getting rid of it, which would be the smart thing to do. We're going to partitian off part of the Big Back Room with a dresser and a bookshelf and maybe a small table. We're going to decorate them like they are part of the room and we're going to stash all the junk behind them, while making a cute little living room area with the rest of the room! It will be great, I can't wait to get to work on it tomorrow.

Ooo, it's kind of thunderstorming now, how nice!

I harvested a lot of cherry tomatoes this evening and noticed that one of my zucchinis is about ready to pick and my Romas are turning red! They aren't very big... they're more like the pear tomatoes than romas. But that's because all their plants died. The only really thriving tomato plants in my garden are the cherry tomatoes and they are giving me lots of fruit and I love them. I'm going to make salsa tomorrow with them, and I might even pick off one of my peppers to use in it as well, even though they aren't all that big yet.

And that's all the news from my world tonight.


Anonymous said...

Annie: I have gotten bunches of zuchini and my early girl tomatoes are coming on just great. I can't believe the big boys...I will have hundreds!! And the Roma's!! If they ever get ripe I will have gobs!
Thanks for stopping in when you parked at our house to go to the fair!!!
It was fun seeing you at the store....isn't it nice to live in the same town and just see each other at random places? I love it.

LauraSuz said...

Oh yum, salsa! What's your recipe?

Annie said...

Yeah, sorry we didn't stop in. Anja was sweaty and tired and we wanted to get her home, give her a bath and put her to bed. But thanks for lending us your curb!

Very basic. Cut up cherry tomatoes, cut up green pepper, cut up onion, lots of salt and a good deal of cilantro. Very easy and it's a delicious chunky garden salsa!

Jill said...

My Romas are very small, too. They look like oversized grape tomatoes rather than the Romas you see at the store. I wish I had your mama's green thumb, though. My plants definitely have tomatoes on them, but not that many. Oh well!