Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things I Wish to Be

Today I saw the most wonderful thing. I was leaving the library and right inside the door a little two-year-old boy was throwing the most marvelous fit--all balled up on the ground wailing and wailing as if someone had killed his puppy. What was really the matter was something to do with a sippy cup, though I obviously don't know the details, but he had two women with him whom I presumed to be his mom and his grandma, and his grandma was with him and his mom was just coming back from the drinking fountain with the sippy cup, and his grandma was saying, "It's okay, Mommy's fixing it." The wonderful thing about this though was how ridiculously calm the women were! He was REALLY causing a scene, but they were laughing quietly with each other about it and just standing by until he was ready to stand up and continue on with his day.

I've always hoped I'll be like that when my kids throw tantrums in public places. But really, the public library at 10:30 on a Thursday morning is no place to get upset about a two year old's tantrum. The place is filled primarily with kids (especially in the summertime) and homeless people. The only people who could really care too much are [generally crabby] people who work there, but they'd be annoyed about anything and I witnessing a good old fashioned fit every once in awhile is good for them.

So anyway, that's one thing I wish to be: a calm mother.

Another thing I wish to be, except I don't have any control over it, is an Asian girl or an Indian girl. I saw the most adorable pregnant asian girl the other day. She was soooooo cute! And they have the best hair and they're always so skinny. The only thing I wouldn't like about being Asian is that I've noticed that many of them have to cuff their jeans because their legs are too short. And I already have that problem and it's pretty annoying. Also I'd like to be a gorgeous Indian girl with their beautiful skin, hair, eyes, etc. And they tend to have big noses, which I also already have, but I wouldn't mind that because Martin LOVES girls with big noses. Whenever we're talking about attractive people, he will often say "no, her nose is too small" or about a girl with a particularly big schnoz, he'll say, "oh, she has a nice nose."

Anja is sooooooo adorable sometimes. I took her to the grocery store today and she rode in the cart for only the second time ever. The first time I had to kind of hold her up while we went along because she couldn't really sit up on her own very well at that time. But now she's a sitting expert and she sat in that cart and held on and was so cute! We went all through the store and she almost never let go, except sometimes she'd hold on only with one hand, and she just looked around with this little almost-smiling expression. She had such a good time. I can't wait till she's about 4 and I can buy her Rolos from the checkout line!

Also I forgot to post the other day about when Joannie came over to visit!! It was great. We sat on the porch swing and talked and ate gross gooseberry pie.

Oh yeah, gooseberry pie. For anyone who ever has had an urge to make this, smother the urge as fast as you can. TOOOTAALLLY not worth it!! I spent three days picking the ends off of gooseberries for a couple of pies that were generally disgusting. Plus, I didn't think until about a day too late that you should probably refrigerate a pie that has sour cream in it, but I ate a total of three pieces and I didn't die or get sick, so I guess it didn't matter. I wonder if it would've tasted better if I'd refrigerated it?

Last night we walked up to Vienna and met up with Joel and Tim and Tim's lady-friend Nikki. She's more than his lady-friend now though... they're getting married on Saturday! That's why all our friends are coming into town this weekend. It always feels so festive to have everyone back in town. We spend all our money on vanilla chai and take long walks around campus, just like the old times!

My garden is looking sadder and sadder every day. It's really depressing, especially when I look over the fence and see Tara's garden flourishing. Ugh. She's one of those perfect people though who is sooo nice, with good style, cute hair, and can do ANYTHING.

Anja's asleep. When she wakes up we're going to go pick up my x-rays from my old dentists office. I have an appointment at a new place on Monday. Then we're going to the new Goodwill WITH AUNTIE PERKALATOR!!! and from there we'll pick Martin up from work!


Anonymous said...

Annie: I always wish I could be one of those German Baptist ladies. Nerdy, I know, but they always look so neat and clean and they don't have to worry about what the latest fashion is (as though I do!)!
About the tantrum thing....try to be like those people. I remember when you had a tantrum at KMart...I just kind of stood there and waited til you worked it out. No biggie. Choose your battles....say to yourself: " Is this the hill I want to die on?" Few things are worth getting all bent out of shape for. God bless that Mama and Grandma...not only did they do right by their little one...they set a good example for others. Anja is a lucky girl....she has a Mama who will just wait it out when things become just a little too much for her.
On the other hand, I took Christopher and PeterXavier to the library today and we witnessed the mother from you know where. She was jerking her little girl around, using the F word and generally behaving like a lunatic. It traumatized Christopher so much he couldn't even speak for a couple of minutes. His eyes were as big as saucers. I don't think he had ever seen a mother behaving in quite that way. I told him that some boys and girls weren't as lucky as he...they didn't have sweet mamas.
But then we went in to see the SNAKES and that was super great!! Watch for me in the paper tomorrow...holding a huge albino python!
Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

I had the sour cream-refrigerator thought when I was eating the pie, but I decided you knew more than I did and didn't say anything. I didn't get sick either, so I guess it was fine!

I did NOT think it was "totally gross." It was NOT totally gross. It wasn't as fabulous as the cherry pie, but it wasn't gross.

Why doesn't Auntie Joannie ever get mentioned in all caps?

Joannie said...

Hahaha, I just felt like putting "anonymous" so it didn't look like I was all full of myself and wanted to be mentioned in all caps. Hahahaha.

Anna May said...

Annie; Why don't you shorten those jeans. If you don't know the easy way to do it, let me know and come out some day. I'll show you.

I can't imagine your mother with a snake. Especially when, at first, she was afraid of Snookums. However, she did get over it.

Anna May said...


Why don't you just shorten those jeans? If you don't know the easy/best way to do that, just call me up some day and I'll show you.

I can't imagine your mother with a snake. She was afraid of Snookums at first. I must say, she was brave until she go over it.

Anna May said...

Annie; Why don't you shorten those jeans. If you don't know the easy way to do it, let me know and come out some day. I'll show you.

I can't imagine your mother with a snake. Especially when, at first, she was afraid of Snookums. However, she did get over it.