Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Assortment of Pictures

Some pictures now, for your enjoyment. Anja eating lunch at her "table" which is really a cooler with a "tablecloth" on it, which is really a curtain.
Hugs for her best friend, Theodore.
With her godparents, Matt and Joannie at Watson Game Night!
Annie, Anja, Joannie and Matt at Watson Game Night

Our Family
One of her favorite faces
Wearing her colander on her head

Pancake Breakfast

Wearing her baby doll's hat on her head. She thinks this is hilarious! The sweater is the one her Aunt TusaRebecca knit for her!!

Happy 2009! New Years breakfast at Krispy Kreme after Mass you can't tell, but she has chocolate doughnut all over her mouth.


LauraSuz said...

love all the pictures!

Annie said...

Haha, can you tell I'm stranded up at my mom's house and Anja is taking a nice long nap?

Ben Hatke said...

Woah! Anja is so cute! So businesslike!

What kind of animal is Anja hugging in that one photo? You might want to be careful about possums?!?