Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Talking Herself to Sleep

I had to post this because it was so, so cute. Evidently, her tooth/teeth have again made it through their rough spot. This evening after dinner, after a horribly whiny day, Anja's mood magically improved and she was happy as a clam until bedtime--when she refused her bottle, lay down on her bed and talked herself to sleep. She made all of her favorite noises (including snorting, and this strange honking sound she's recently started making) and I scratched her back, and then suddenly she was asleep. IT WAS SO CUTE.

I keep meaning to take some new pictures, but I never think of it. Tonight the cat was sitting on top of the dog cage while the dog was in it. It was so adorable!


LauraSuz said...

She is so cute, Annie. Her walking is the best.

Ben Hatke said...

Think harder about those pictures!