Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

Happy 2009, everyone! Last year at midnight I'm pretty sure we were driving Anja around to try to get her to sleep. This year at midnight Martin was asleep and I was refilling Anja's bottle. Wow, not much has changed over the last year: we're still HUGE LOSERS!!!! Hahahahha.. we actually had a very quiet and enjoyable New Years Eve. Anja went to bed at 7:00 (but had a restless night) and Martin and I played "Bananagrams." His sister gave it to him as a birthday present back in July but we just played it for the first time last night. It was so fun! It's like your own personal Scrabble game, and you compete with the other player's personal game. Martin beat me, but it was a relatively close game throughout... until the end when I got way behind and he had just the right luck to win. FUN GAME! And it took almost the whole evening. Still though, we made time for a few rousing rounds of Boggle. My passion. We didn't invite any of our parents over and I'm glad we didn't, since I was running upstairs every 20 minutes to rescue Anja who kept rolling off the bed. (Remember, "rolling off the bed" means gently rolling onto the floor from her very squishy mattress on the floor. I don't want to sound like I let my child repeatedly take large falls onto her head or anything.)

This morning we went to the 7:30 mass and Anja was Craaaaazy (with a capital C!). Her new thing is climbing. She wants to climb EVERYWHERE, and she usually succeeds too, unless we intervene. She's nuts! But at least she was in a happy mood, and afterward we went to Krispy Kreme to celebrate the new year with doughnuts. They sell mini doughnuts now, so we got one for Anja. They are really cute and she loved it!

When we got home Mrs. Schap came over for a little visit, and thankfully Anja was in a good mood. It's a bummer that during school, her only break in the day falls exactly at Anja's naptime. So I always hope that when she is able to see Anja she's in one of her best moods, which today she was!

We took Anja's nap with her, which was only an hour and a half long. After that and lunch, we invited my parents over to see our newly set up nativity scene that they gave us for Christmas. It's soooooooooo great--one of the wise men is riding an ELEPHANT!!!! Very, very cool. While they were here we played some more Boggle, and sadly, since it's their game, we gave it back to them. So ends our Boggle playing days. *tear*

The other day my good friend Perkins said, "You guys don't have a TV, do you?" I said, "No, we don't." She said, "How do you watch movies then?" I said, "Umm... we don't." "Oh," she said, and kind of hesitated. "That's sad." But really, who has time for movies when you spend all of your free time playing BOGGLE?!?!? Seriously though, the truly sad thing is that I love this game, yet I am SO BAD at it. I lose every time. No matter how many people are playing, I almost always come in last. My words are rarely more than 3 letters long and they are always really dumb, and I always forget to pluralize them if the option is there. I'm so dumb!

The point of saying that Anja only slept an hour and a half today is that now she's sleeping again. This is very important because it means we're able to go out to Joannie's parents' house and play games with them!!!!!!!! I'm really excited about this. Rumor has it our friend Matt is going to be there too. Matt and Joannie are Anja's godparents! Also, Jill and Patrick are going to be there with their cutie-patootie little boys!! I'm very excited. I'll be sure to take pictures.

Last night I did get a phone message inviting us over to the party at St. Boniface, and this made me very happy. Because even if we couldn't go because Anja was already asleep and we were almost asleep, at least they thought of us! At least they cheered my name in the background! It made me feel loved. Yay!

I'll try to get pictures up soon. I got my camera back from my parents' house the other day and have been a little bit snap-happy...


Anne said...

Annie, you're such a good sport! Most people I know (often myself included) do not like to play games over and over when they know they're going to lose!! I LOVE Boggle too but Peter won't play it with me b/c he usually loses. :o)

Sarah said...

You should try Scramble. Or maybe not. I don't want you to end up like everyone else I know and love -- destined for a Scramble Addicts Support Group. *sigh*

Last night EVERYONE was asking about you. You are a big giant loser. And my kids were ADORABLE and you missed it.