Monday, January 19, 2009

Whew! Thoughts from the Past Few Days

This morning Anja made a mental connection! She was playing with her toy moose in her bedroom and then she looked on the quilt on the bed, found the patches with the moose and bears and pine trees, pointed to a moose and said "moose"! (Like "horse," "moose" sounds like "doo" or "djooo".) I was so proud of her!

Also, Anja has her first black eye. Last night she was going from the footstool to the bed, and I saw her falling and just couldn't get to her fast enough. She hit her face on the frame of the bed and it took off a little bit of skin and was one of those bruises that comes up right away. Today she's a little puffy and bruised around her eye, but she doesn't seem too bothered by it and even let me wash it in her bath this morning. I tried to put ice on it last night so it wouldn't puff up too much, but she didn't like that at all, and as soon as I stopped trying to force her to let me put a bag of frozen peas over her eyes, she stopped screaming and was perfectly content to sit in her rocker and fill little plastic bowls with unused outlet covers.

It's been a really nice 3-Day Weekend. Martin seems to be done working at the Bookstore, so we've had the whole weekend to ourselves whereas we thought he'd be working Saturday and Sunday. He walked over to the Bookstore on Saturday morning, but called me when he got there saying he was unable to clock in and couldn't find a manager, and they didn't seem to need him anyway, so he was just coming home. When he got back--he'd bought me flowers from Rubia! What a guy!! The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home and going out to Target as an emergency trip because we had run out of diapers. Whoops! Anja took two naps instead of one and in the evening we went over to my parents' house and played Bananagrams! We ended up eating dinner there, even though that hadn't been part of our plan, and then we drank coffee and ate popcorn while we played our game. It was very fun.

We went to 7:30 mass on Sunday and Martin and I joined Anja for her nap. Usually we can count on her for at least 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep (today she slept more than 3!) but she woke up surprisingly only an hour and a half after going down, and she was WIDE awake. I was slightly bitter about this, since I'd been counting on a longer nap for myself and she hadn't slept well the night before either, and I shouldn't have complained, but I did, and Martin offered to take her on a date so I could relax for awhile more. It was reeeaaalllyyy nice.

Martin got the internet back up and running at our house, though it's still in the back room. Turns out our computer just doesn't have the stamina to run the programs. He can get it working for a minute, and then everything just collapses. This should not be surprising to us, since for a long time we haven't even had enough memory to burn a CD. We're thinking that tax return time might be the time to look into a new laptop. We've considered also getting an external hard drive. It's no emergency and we'll figure it out... until then, I'll be looking forward to spring and blogging in warmth!

This post is shorter than I'd intended, but my friend Alison just called me to hang out, so here I go! I think Anja is going to stay with her daddy again for a little while, and then they might meet up with us.

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Anonymous said...

Annie: You forgot to mention that you and Martin bought us a new 12 cup coffee maker! And a very fancy one at that! For which we are very grateful.
Love, Mama