Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Big Day for the Schaps!

I'm finding one of the hardest thing about having two babies is finding enough time to blog!! Sadness!!!!! I can't tell you how many times I started and re-started the same post this past week, only to leave it open and unfinished on the computer for the rest of the day. But now it's the weekend--and oh, what a weekend!

It isn't often that we decide to pack up and do an all-day outing, since we've had Anja, especially outings that take us far from home. We usually plan our days around her nap and break up our activities accordingly. This is not to say that we never have any fun, or never do anything... we just usually do things that keep us in total control, so as to give Anja an opportunity to nap, no matter when she needs one. This being said, yesterday was quite the day for us!! Martin competed in his first Power Lifting meet yesterday. It was up in Winchester, Indiana, right near Muncie. My parents came up as well, and it ended up being very fun. My parents REALLY enjoyed themselves at the meet! I was so glad too, because I felt a little guilty that they came... I mean, lifting weights is not the most exciting of sports to watch, and I sort of felt like I'd forced them into going by maybe making it sound like I wouldn't be able to go unless they went too... so I was really glad they had so much fun. The meet ended up lasting a lot longer than we'd expected, which was fine; my parents and I went out to lunch with the girls, and on the drive back Anja fell asleep, so she DID get a nap. Greta slept through the entire day, and still slept miraculously well through the night! After the meet (Martin left after he was finished, we didn't stay for the very end or the awards) we drove to Muncie to the Minnetrista Center, which is located right on the land where the Ball Brothers lived, evidently. We saw the "Can It!" exhibit, which was very interesting, and another exhibit they had was "Make it Move" which was for kids, though Martin got way more of a kick out of it than Anja did. The only time everyone got grumpy was between the Minnetrista outing and going to mass at 5:30. Everyone was tired and hungry, and Martin and I had ginormous headaches. At Mass (an interesting mass... very interesting...) Martin kept falling asleep. (Over the past two or three nights we'd only been getting about 4 hours of sleep, as well.) Finally, he took Greta to the car and he slept there with her. I'm so glad he did! When we were finished we all went out to dinner at this place called "Amazing Joe's Grill" and it was really fun!! I'm so glad Martin slept--and that my parents stopped for some Excedrin on the way to the restaurant--because we were both feeling much better by dinner and it was a lot of fun. Anja ate and ate, Greta slept and slept, my mom and I had margaritas, and it was a really fun time! By the time we were finished with dinner, it was nearly bedtime for the girls (a good thing) so we dressed them in jammies for the night and took off toward home. Anja fell asleep pretty much instantly, even with Greta screaming her head off for the first twenty miles. Finally, we pulled off at a McDonalds and got Greta out and just hung out with her, letting her be awake and happy. I don't remember what time we got home, but this morning we all slept in until 8:30!! What a treat!!

Our friend Perkins was in town this weekend, so she came over around 9:30 and we all went to Vienna for breakfast. Nothing starts your day like Quiche in the Morning and a Cafe Au Lait! So festive! And for the first time, I dressed our girls in matching dresses. !!!!!!! They look SO CUTE. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a picture of them together yet, and as the day goes on Anja is just getting dirtier and dirtier.

After Anja is awake and fed we're going out to get flowers for the house. We've decided to only show the front of our house (Living room and Dining Room) for the Home Tour. With only a few weekends left to work on it, we're a little bit overwhelmed. I had wanted to show the kitchen too, but looking at it now there is A LOT we'd have to do to it to make it presentable for a tour, and the thing is, I want to show it because I love my kitchen... but I love my kitchen because it's homey to us. Our fridge is covered in pictures and animal magnets and keepsakes. And the stuff that makes it look junky (like the Cheerios box on top of the pantry) is stuff that lives there. I wouldn't know where else to put it! So we won't show the kitchen. *sniff* But that's okay, because the front two rooms are the two that we KNOW are the original part of the house, so it sort of makes sense in a way to just show them. And they are easy to clean up and they are cute. Well, at least I think they are cute.

And we'll also work hard to get the outside looking really good. That's what we're trying to do today; Martin's been clearing out The Jungle and I'm going to pot and plant flowers for the porch, and also for the backyard, even though nobody will be seeing that on the tour.

**this post is old, but i don't care! i'm posting it anyway!!**


Anne said...

Annie, I'm glad you posted it anyway!!! Since we haven't heard from you all week it's not old news to me. And I love seeing the pictures from Greta. What a cutie! I want to see her in person!

Good job on formating the pictures...I'm so bad at that. Can't wait for your next post and matching dresses pictures!

Beth F said...

I am glad you posted too. I am also interested to hear more about this interesting mass you attended!

Also, aside from not being able to blog, have you found it easier to get things done with two instead of one?

Annie said...

Unfortunately, AS I WAS MAKING THAT POST about the matching dresses, Greta made the most massive poo on record, leaking out both the front AND the back of her diaper. Luckily, I was holding her in such a way that her dress was bunched up around her chest and it was not a bit soiled! About fifteen minutes later, however, Anja woke up from her nap, and before we even had time to change her super-full diaper, it went into over-flow mode and she peed all over the floor, soaking her dress AND her socks. So, until the next time they wear them, there will be no matching dresses pictures. :(

The mass included parading around the church with a naked baby and a really... um... TALENTED folk group! (Martin said the folk group belonged in a Will Farrell movie. That's how comically bad they were.)

As for getting stuff done: No. It's not easier yet... unless they sleep at the same time, as they're doing now!