Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pink is My Favorite Color

This morning I nursed a newborn while bathing a toddler. I think I might actually have become and official mom.

I've also figured out the trick to having two babies: Don't expect to get anything done. Ever. As long as I wake up every day and tell myself brightly, "I will get absolutely nothing done today!" my day is fabulous. It's when I start making plans that things go awry. But that's okay! Because then when I DO get things done, I feel SO GOOD about myself!! And to be honest, I'm having a relatively easy time of it. Martin is the most awesomest person on the planet, Greta is the opposite newborn baby that Anja was (a good thing) and I am recovering from abdominal surgery as if it never happened at all. I am keeping up with all of the laundry (at least the washing and drying... not so much the folding and putting-away,) I am able to easily reach the sink again for the first time in four months, which almost makes washing dishes fun, and last night I even made dinner!!

Nights are a little bit tough. It doesn't help that Martin and I have both fallen into the habit of thinking, "what's the point in even going to bed?" so we stay up until midnight and then are up all night with both babies, and then we sleep through Martin's alarm and the mornings are rather hectic.

And other than that, the only really tough part is that I'm still not allowed to pick up Anja. This is terribly annoying, mostly because I feel so good. I went in on Monday to have my [suture?] [stuture?] [what is that word?] taken out and I thought for sure the nurse would tell me I was okay to carry on with my old life. But no! She told me I'm under the same silly restrictions until my 6-week postpartum checkup. Gee whiz. And the only reason I'm following the rules is because if I do carry Anja around and then I hemorrhage and die, I don't want to be blamed for it. Well, okay, if I actually died I guess I wouldn't care, but you get the idea. Plus, Martin probably isn't so keen on the idea of raising two small children without a wife to help out a little.

Look at our Little Bird! Doesn't she just have a beak of a nose?!? Funnily, this is pretty much what I always imagined our children to look like. She is much darker than Anja, much more Jewish looking. We just can't figure out where Anja got her fair skin and red hair.

Sometime last week when Martin was still home from work we took a family walk to Kathy's Kandies and got chocolates to celebrate our new family member. We are much bolder this time around about taking the new baby out into the world, although on Sunday we still went to mass separately. I think this week we'll go as a family again. We really hate going separately, and I went by myself! I haven't been to mass by myself since the Sunday after Anja was born. It was a little bit lonely. After awhile you get used to having at least one of your family members around at all times.
I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately. It seems to have absolutely no effect on Greta's sleep. She is a good sleeper so far.

Last night we split a beer. It's good to be back in our old ways of alcoholism. (Totally joking. I don't think splitting a beer once a week or so makes either of us an alcoholic.)

I'm looking forward to getting out and walking again!! My sister came over the other day and she asked if I was able to go for walks. I said yes because I am, but I hadn't thought about pulling the stroller up and down our steps. It'd be worth it though--I am so ready to get out and start burning off baby fat!!!! I am determined to wear every one of my cute skirts this summer--EVERY ONE of them!!!

But in the mean time, I have loads of cute post-preggo shirts to wear. And now: Our Pie.

She is showing me her teeth. I'll post a few pictures of the two of them together in a little bit.


Anonymous said...

No, splitting a beer doesn't even begin to make you an alcoholic. Of course, splitting a CASE of beer would be a good start.


Anonymous said...

OK, so Anja has been Pie from almost the beginning. I can see Birdie becoming the nickname for the newest little Schapini. Welcome to the Italian family naming style. I don't have even one aunt, uncle or cousin who goes by his given, baptismal name. At least you aren't calling them Agar or Counch or Nonnie!

Joannie said...

That first picture of Anja is priceless. What a gal.

Sarah said...

How did your Pie get SO BIG?? She is adorable. I am calling you tomorrow to go for a walk -- I can pull the stroller up the steps, silly! Or we can take the beast . . .

Anonymous said...

I always called Annie Annie Bird, and we don't want to be too close to that for Greta. I vote for Tweetie!

SamG said...

Gosh, I was Birdturd.

You may not want to ask my mom for ideas. Though, to be honest, I never minded my nickname. Sure as shootin', no one else had that one...