Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Calling In the Reserves

What a morning. Martin and I accidentally slept in until 7:00, meaning he had to be beyond speedy to make it to work on time and I wasn't able to get a shower before he left. That always makes my mornings slightly more complicated than when I'm able to shower without having to listen for babies. Shortly after he left, I went upstairs to check on sqeaking Greta and found Anja wide awake, playing on the bed! (Greta was still asleep, just having noisy dreams, I guess.) Anja and I went downstairs where I changed her explosive diaper and we had some breakfast together. Shortly after that, while Greta was still sleeping, Anja and I went into the bathroom and I attempted a shower. Oops! Silly me! I only got as far as washing and rinsing my hair before that familiar squawking (more like a banchee cry) came through the monitor. I dried off as fast as I could while she screamed and screamed, and then ran upstairs in a towel with dripping hair to rescue her. She was very hungry, but didn't fall back asleep... and so began our morning.

It wasn't that they were grumpy--on the contrary, they were both very happy. But Greta didn't want me to put her down. She NEVER wants me to put her down. And I kept wanting her to fall back asleep so I could at least change into something other than a bath towel and maybe comb my hair a little bit. But she never did. Well, she would doze off sometimes, but as soon as I would put her down (I tried various places) she'd wake up right away, screaming. At noon Anja started going to the fridge asking for her bot-bot. At 12:30 I thought Greta was asleep enough for me to put Anja down... wrong! The look on Anja's face when her baby sister started screaming was priceless... but sad, too. Anja so badly wanted a nap. When I took the bottle away to go get Greta, she wailed and screamed for it. (Of course, the one time Anja WANTS to sleep, I'm unable to easily give it to her!) We tried a few more times, but every time I thought Greta was asleep, I guess I was wrong. Finally, at 1:30, when both of them were so far beyond tired that they were screaming their heads off, I called my mom.

Thankfully she wasn't doing anything at that very moment. She came right down (I mean RIGHT down--I think she was here within the minute!) and held Greta while I put Anja down. She fell asleep right away. I feel so bad for her when she is so tired. BUT! Thanks to my mom, she got a nap! Martin was coming home at 2:00, but lately his appointments have been running into his lunch hour, and I didn't want to risk him being late, or not having time to come home, and Anja missing out on her nap completely. So, thanks Mama!

And speaking of Anja's naps--she is back to taking them!! Praise the Lord!! Not only that, but she's letting ME put her down in HER downstairs bedroom. I just sit on the twin bed and rock her and then put her in the pile of clean laundry that is always on the bed, and she sleeps like a log. And suddenly, my life is SO much easier again!! In fact, right now both girls are asleep, and it's been a long time since that's happened.

This Saturday Martin is competing in a weight lifting meet up in Winchester, IN. Evidently this town is very near Muncie. This morning I was reading my new Country Living magazine (which came in the mail a week ago, but I haven't had time to look at it until today) and there was a little mini-article on Ball mason jars. Turns out this is the 125th year of those jars and something I didn't know was that Ball State University is named after the brothers who created those famous canning jars. (Although they didn't actually invent the screw-on top jars--that was John Mason, whose patent had an expiration date.) And so, up at Ball State there is an exhibit called "Can It!" and it's all about those jars. Since we're going up there on Saturday, I REALLY want to go to this exhibit. Unfortunately, Martin doesn't know much about the layout of this meet because he's never competed in weight lifting before. This being said, I was a little bit nervous about going to the meet with the two babies anyway, since there's a chance I would be by myself with them, in a strange, loud gymnasium, for an entire day. Talk about YIKES! But this "Can It!" exhibit could save the day!!! You see, I told my mom about it, heh heh heh... if she and my dad decide they want to go, I will not only have an emergency escape home (their van) but I'll also get to see Martin lift without being nervous about the day, and I'll get to see this exhibit!

Other than that, I'm sporting my "Homeless Person" look today. Here are some random pictures from Easter and the week before: Anja having a snack at Ooma's house.

Greta, going to Sunday Mass for the first time!

Greta and her Oompa

Anja sharing her pretty headband with her sister.

Anja and her godmother, Auntie Joannie!!

Martin and Anja doing some very important newspaper work at Bella's birthday party

Gracie, Anja, and Christopher. Gracie was SO MAD at me for making her be in this picture.


Anne said...

"both girls" I love the sound of that! Glad you got the help you needed. Moms are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Any time, Annie. To quote the famous Aqua Woman: "That's my job, isn't it?"
Saturday should be fun. Just like the old wrestling meets.
Love, Mama

Annie said...

I love the sound of it too!!!!!!

Just like the old wrestling meets, except with a much more exciting outing sneaked in.

Sarah said...

Greta wore the monkey dress!!! I love that one (green plaid), but Isabella always looked like one of those dressed up pet monkeys when she wore it!

LauraSuz said...

The same thing happen to me with the shower....I started taking mine at night. It's worked wonders for me.

Moms are great and I think they love holding their grandbabies