Saturday, April 4, 2009

I survived the first week alone with two babies! The days are not so hard... it's still just the nights that are horrible. I expect someday Anja will learn to sleep, I only wish I knew when that day would come. Hopefully before she goes to college. I'd feel awfully cheated if she didn't start sleeping through the night until after she left home.

I know that everyone has an opinion about The Family Bed. My opinion is generally that I have no opinion. I figure it works for some people, it doesn't work for others. In our house, we have a Sometimes Family Bed. It happens spontaneously. This morning I woke up to Greta wanting to eat and I noticed that Anja was snuggled up between Martin and me. I fed Greta and she and I both dozed off, and when I woke up again, there we all were, the whole family, tucked up in one bed. It was cozy and warm and really nice... until Greta threw up on me and that kind of killed the moment.

Eventually we all did get out of bed and I made pancakes for breakfast thinking "Anja really likes pancakes." Turns out, she doesn't like pancakes at all and she wanted her plain old Cheerios for breakfast, just like she has every day. So Martin ate most of the pancakes and Anja had Cheerios.

Then Martin and Anja went to CVS to pick up Anja's THIRD round of antibiotics for this horrible ear infection that now has jumped from the left ear to the right ear. I ask you, how does a baby get an ear infection WHILE taking antibiotics?!?!? This poor girl is turning out just like her parents. I hope Greta has a better time of it. Ugh. I also know that people have opinions about antibiotics for ear infections, and I do have my own opinions about that, which is why I give her antibiotics in the first place. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just can't change that particular opinion.

When they got home, we all went for a family walk up to the Art Museum. I carried Greta in a colorful wrap and recieved many compliments. I think it's funny that so many people notice the wrap carriers and comment on how great they seem, yet so few people actually use them.

We got a package in the mail from Auntie Joannie yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! It contained all sorts of deliciousness including LaVazza coffee and SEA SALT CHOCOLATE. Since my two favorite foods are salt and chocolate, you can imagine how happy I was to see that. (And I was even happier to eat it!)

I think we are going to take another walk this afternoon over to Great Clips and get ourselves some haircuts. I don't know if that'll actually work out, but that's the plan anyway.

Today I ordered my vegetables from the little girl next door who's school does an annual plant sale. That's where I got them last year too. I'm very excited! And evidently my dad bought a small tiller. I'm excited to start working in my garden. I'm excited also to buy flowers for the yard and get it cleaned up and ready for spring. Our yard looked so lovely last year for a short time.... Hopefully this summer I won't be pregnant and will be able to keep everything going through the entire season!


Joannie said...

I'm glad the sea salt chocolate was good-- like I said in my note, I thought of you right away!!

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne said...

Congrats on surviving your first week!

Jill said...

That picture is so precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first week! :) I was never really alone. I think I had one week alone, if that. Luke was let go the day after Bernadette was baptized so I had him for a while until he found another job! Anyway, I was going to comment on the family bed idea.

By the time Bernadette was born, Margaret was more or less in her own bed. She was consistently in her own bed soon after, anyway. Her bed was next to ours and we gave her, gasp, a bottle! Yes, that was the only way she would quietly lay there and fall asleep. Nighttime duties quickly became Luke's territory. I am aware of the badness of the nighttime bottle (teeth and all) but we were desperate. :)

Aside from Luke refilling it when needed, Margaret slept pretty well. I am afraid that Bernadette is following suit. She started to accept the bottle around 12-13 months as well and she also gets it refilled as needed. And...we just moved both of our girls to their own room! Margaret is 2.5 yrs and Bernadette is 14 months. We finally have our own room (and bed) for another 4 months or so. Hahaha :)

Sarah said...

Anonymous -- We did the bottle with our first, as well. It was so bad that we kept a small fridge in the room so we didn't have to run to the kitchen multiple times a night!!!=)