Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Creeping Virus of Death

Apologies to anyone who comes down with this whatever-it-is we've had and thinks your dying. Don't worry, you're not... or at least, we didn't.

The part about Fiddlers that I didn't write about was that I was feeling kind of sick. Big headache and a fever. Later that evening my fever hit 104 and Martin sent me to the Urgent Care where they told me I had an icky UTI. Weird, since I had no symptoms of that. I asked them if that's where my headache was coming from and they said "probably." In the night I thought I was dying, and the next day I still had a high fever and the same headache and THEN my neck started hurting. Martin made me call Dr. Watson and I got an appointment for 3:30. Oddly enough, at about 2:30 my fever disappeared! So I felt like an idiot going to the doctor with no symptoms. Well, I still had my headache and my neck ache, but even those weren't as bad. But of course a few hours after being to the doctor, everything came back and my fever went up to 103 again. Martin was afraid I'd die in the night. He looked up a flow-chart online and diagnosed me with Menangitis. To get a better opinion on whether or not to go to the ER, we actually called Dr. Watson AT HOME, which is something both Martin and I had previously sworn never to do with any doctor ever. He set our minds at ease and we didn't go to the ER and in the morning everything was completely gone and this time it stayed away.

Then on Tuesday Martin said he felt like he might be coming down with my Creeping Virus of Death. Like with mine, it came and went all day, then it got really bad at night and all day Wednesday. He stayed home from work both yesterday and today, but I think this evening he seems to have finally kicked all symptoms. I'm glad he didn't go to work though and spread it around.... nobody would want this, especially for the holiday weekend. The sad part is this was the week he'd originally asked for vacation, but it wasn't approved because too many people in the office had already asked for it off. That means he left them totally short-handed today!!!! Still though.... I think they were better off working a little harder and steering clear of the Creeping Virus of Death than they would otherwise be.

Here's something beyond weird: At the edge of our Jungle near they driveway, we have two HUGE zucchini plants growing. I have no idea why or how they got there. I certainly didn't plant them there. But these things have gotten absolutely enormous. They are so much bigger than the zucchini plants in my garden! And they are covered in blossoms but I can't see that any of the flowers are bringing zucchinis with them. It would be pretty funny if the zucchini plants in my garden die and this little squirrel gift in our Jungle produces enough zucchinis for the entire neighborhood, which it looks like it could, judging by the amount of flowers that are on there. I mean, this thing is HUGE! It kind of makes me want to move my garden to the Jungle!

And really the Creeping Virus of Death has been taking up most of our life as of late, so I don't have much news! Greta's still not rolling over, though she is still really good at trying. Anja has learned that it's funny to walk sideways and funnier to walk sideways while wearing a goofy expression. Tomorrow I think we're going on a lunch date with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, so that should be fun.


Joannie said...

So that explains why my Dad randomly asked my Mom one night, "Have you talked to Joan? How is she?"
But I didn't get the creeping virus of death.

Annie said...

Hahahahaha! I'm SO SORRY!!! I'm glad you didn't get it though. Luckily, I have a feeling you would've had to smooch me to get it. Or chew on your hands and stick them in my mouth. Or at least share my salad.

I'm glad you're okay! You were the one I was most worried about since you'd been over that morning! Had I known I was contagious, obviously, I wouldn't have let you in!

Joannie said...

You're worth the germs.
And yes, I avoiding chewing on your hands and sticking them in my mouth. Or vice versa.
I did smooch Anja, but all turned out well.

Martin Schap said...

Yeah I guess it was more like me chewing on my hands and shoving them in your mouth that would give you more germs. I mean, who cares if you stick your slobbery hands in my mouth, as long as you're not the sick one?

Martin Schap said...

Not Martin. Annie.