Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Wears the Pants?

Yesterday I was cleaning up the house while Martin was mowing the lawn and the girls were napping. Along the trail of destruction I go, when I come across Martin's pants (belt still attached) on the dining room table. My first question to myself was, "Ugh! Why does he have to leave his pants lying around?!" and my second question to myself was, "Why was Martin in the dining room without his pants?" Judging by the evidence though, he had once been wearing pants in the dining room, and then for some reason decided not to be. What a weirdo!

I just ate a tomato-basil omlette. YUM. The basil came from my garden, as did the cutest little tiny red cherry tomatoes I've ever seen in my life! Unfortunately, my garden still isn't doing very well. I have had many a blossom, but not much in the way of actual vegetables. I do have one thumbnail-sized green pepper coming in, but overall I think the Japenese Beetles are getting the best of my produce.

HOWEVER, I did figure out that the sprawling viney squash plant at the edge of the driveway must be PUMPKIN!!! This is a MOST exciting discovery, considering that it must've come from the old rotten pumpkin we threw out there last winter! I will laugh so hard if my entire garden dies but my rot pile produces a happy fall harvest. Trashiness really should not get rewarded that way, but hey, I do loves a pumpkin! Ever since I figured out what it was, I have been tending to it with much love and care.

My sister-in-law got herself a new phone gadget conveniently on the day that Martin's old phone bit the dust by literally falling apart. He's been in need of a new phone for a long while now, but then finally the plastic part that holds the flippy pieces together just kind of disintegrated. So TusaRebecca offered Martin her old blackberry phone since she got her new fancy one. Martin, of course, insisted that I have the blackberry because I'd had my old phone for about five years and it is the most basic model in the universe. I've never minded basic--it makes it user-friendly! But he wouldn't take no for an answer, so now he has my el-cheapo phone and I have a cool new gadget to play with. I've never had a phone that takes pictures before!!!!

Last night we drove up to Wolcott for their postponed 4th of July celebration. It was fun! Kim was playing and we ate dinner there, but the best part was when Anja took her very first carousel ride. To say she was excited is a vast understatement. I'm not sure I've ever SEEN her so beside herself with joy.

And another cool thing about going up there was seeing the wind farms! Those are very amazing.

Anja and Theodore helped me wash the dishes one day.

And here's a good example of Attachment Parenting. (Ignore the stoner expression.)

Okay, I have wasted soooooo much naptime, and I have a to-do list that's five miles long. But isn't it great news that the girls have been consistently napping at the same time for DAYS now?


Clare said...

Aww, I love all the pictures. I will give you a call when we are in Munster sometime to confirm Saturday!! We really look forward to seeing you guys!

Joannie said...

Too bad Martin didn't go to St.Mary's with us... or we would have finally solved the mystery of the pants in the lost and found!!