Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Onions, Anyone?

Up until tonight, Anja HATED onions. If you gave her a bite of food that accidentally included a the tiniest piece of onion, she'd eat everything, then reach her entire hand into her mouth to remove that one bit of onion. And then suddenly tonight, it was all she wanted to eat! I made chicken parm that turned out being rubbery, over-cooked, underbreaded chicken with some cold tomatoey sauce over linguine. It was a little bit disgusting, but Anja LOVED IT. She cleaned her plate... then cleaned mine.... then moved on to Martin's.

We took a walk this morning, and it was so gorgeous! Very cool and sunny. When we left the house I didn't really feel like going all the way over the bridge and pulling the stroller up and down the stairs, but once we were out I thought it was too nice a day for just a short walk, so over we went, across the bridge, around the levee and back again. We saw our friend Matt Scherger and he says he'll drop some CDs by our place soon and I can't wait because we are in desperate need of some fresh music around here. Over the weekend I found James Taylor's "Mud Slide Slim" album and had forgotten how good it it. I had a lovely morning on Saturday while Martin was helping my dad set up for Riverfest; Anja and Greta and I rocked out to James Taylor while we ate our breakfast. Tonight's 'World Cafe' was boring so we turned on the CD again and Anja couldn't stop dancing! I'm glad she has such good taste in music, hee hee.

And speaking of music, I got out my banjo today and the girls sat on a quilt and listened to me play. And it. was. awesome. Then Anja started rolling all over Greta and she wouldn't stop so I had to put the banjo away.

Anja and I played in the backyard today during one of Greta's naps. That's something we don't do often enough.

Martin's job has gotten soooooo busy! He still comes home for lunch every day though, which is awesome.

Have I mentioned that Martin's grown his beard back? He hasn't had his beard since 2005 when he shaved it off for job interviews. I love his beard.

Greta fell asleep during dinner so we weren't able to go hear the Dulcimers. I'm sure next summer we'll be able to have more fun and active evenings. At least I am hoping that's the case.

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