Monday, August 15, 2011

A Birthday to Celebrate

This morning almost as soon as she woke up, Anja informed me that today is Squeaky's 18th birthday! Squeaky is one of Anja's imaginary animals--a cat, who is the mother of Smodo. Not only that, but this evening on the way to the birthday party (which was relocated to my parents' house because Martin was stuck at work for soooooo long) Anja told me that Squeaky has a new kitten, just born last night, named Oatmeal!! Congratulations, Squeaky! We made cupcakes. We had to go to the grocery anyway so it didn't really matter that we didn't have any cocoa powder--except evidently they aren't selling that at Aldi anymore. So I had to make another trip out later in the day and I went to Payless, where I couldn't find ANYTHING, except a lot of familiar people. We were there FOREVER, wandering the aisles and talking to people, and having people being clearly annoyed with us for taking up so much room in our huge car cart. They only had a place for organic cilantro and the bin was empty, and I couldn't find the cocoa powder until I went the opposite direction down the baking aisle--it was halfway covered by one of their obnoxious hanging "buy this! buy this!" displays. Grrrrrrr..... So eventually we made it to the checkout and then at last back to our car where Anja exclaimed, "I'm not wearing any underpants!"

Which reminds me of an evening last week when we had dinner with a young couple (one of whom just happens to be my cousin) at Mrs. Schap's place, and I was really trying to make my girls look their best, but then Anja went to the bathroom and after awhile called out to us, "Mama! I have a big poo-poo stuck in my bottom!!" Classically awesome times.

We had a string of rough days at our house, with the girls fighting constantly. And vicious fighting, like clawing and hair pulling and pinching, etc. It was bad. And really annoying. But just as suddenly as it came on, the girls are suddenly best friends again, playing so nicely and getting along! And so, life is good again. Thank heavens!

One thing we've been doing lately is listening to an old Wee Sing tape. It's the Wee Sing Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes and it's really fun! Greta especially loves it. All the nursery rhymes/songs are woven into a story about how the children of the nursery rhymes are going to the birthday party of Old King Cole in Londontown. Every time they pick up a new gift for the king along their journey, they set off again saying "Here we go to Londontown!" So all day today Greta has been saying "Here we go to Londontown!" and it it unbelievably cute.

And now it's REALLY late, so it's time to get jammies on and head home. I hope to start posting regularly again soon, but really, we are having so much fun enjoying the last weeks of summer that I don't seem to have the time to make blog posts (with one-finger typing.) Maybe someday we'll get ourselves another computer!

(As for the floors..... let's just not talk about it.)


Anonymous said...

We sure enjoyed Squeaky's birthday party!

Drew Watts said...

That was interesting. I am sure it was an enjoyable party. At the local event space NYC we threw a unicorn inspired party for our girl’s 7th birthday. It was an awesome bash and all the d├ęcor as well as food was arranged by the venue was so pretty and there was the unicorn theme all over. Kiddos loved it thoroughly.