Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Building Projects

Anja built this little tower in my mom's basement the other day. For a baby who showed absolutely ZERO interest in blocks, she suddenly has started building quite elaborate towers and "barns." This one seems especially well thought out.

And while Anja works on building with her wooden blocks, Martin and I are working on building with other sorts of things. Like building floors with the laminate flooring my sister and brother-in-law gave us from the garage sale (!!!!!) and possibly building a kitchen table after the HUGE disappointment of going to get the perfect table from the ReStore, only to get there and find it gone. Sadness. Plus, I seem to have formed a habit of ripping up carpet... and I found a little bit of wood floor and a little bit of plywood in different parts of the upstairs. So now we've got about ninety projects lined up in front of us, and since we can count our spare minutes on one hand, it looks like we might be in over our heads!

Anyway, the garage sale was a success! We all made a little cash-ola, all got a little sunburned, all had a good time. And best of all, we got rid of a ton of stuff!!

Otherwise, summer just keeps chugging along and I am noticing the days getting shorter and it's starting to make me sad. My friend Alison always got really depressed on June 21 because the days would only start getting shorter after that. I am beginning to see how she feels. I do love Fall... REALLY, love it... but I'm not quite ready for summer to be over! We have many more dates with the river before it can be over. (Luckily, being in the throes of a record-breaking heat wave makes it easier to believe summer will last forever!)

I wish I had more pictures to share... but I've been using my phone camera for most things and I am making this post from my mom's computer. (She fed me pasta with garden tomatoes and butter--YUM.) Now I think I'll go sit in a rocking chair on the front porch.

Oh, that's another project... my beloved rocking chair has an arm that looks like it's taken it's last mending. I'm afraid it's dumpster-bound, and that makes me REALLY sad. But I can't imagine that arm ever staying on again. Sadness.

The sun is shining! Soaking up the sun is better than going to the grocery store!

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TusaRebecca said...

I love our garage sale tradition! I'm so glad to have so much stuff gone. I spent my yard sale money on a purse last night.

I know a certain lady who usually has a plethera of rocking chairs. Ask and ye shall receive! Sad to lose a favorite though.