Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keeping Up With the Craftistas

I've gotten away from Blog reading in the past year we've been without a computer. Browsing is not so easy on my beloved iPhone, so I've pretty much stuck to the list of people I actually know in real life and Soulemama's, which I still read daily. This system keeps me pretty well grounded while providing me one blogsworth of unattainable inspirations. Most of the blogs I read are real lives of ordinary people. Even if they do only show the sunny side in their writings, I recognize that because I know them; they are not keeping up a face for their international following. And even if soulemama does make me long for a life I don't have, only one blog like that can't be too harmful to my self esteem... Right?

But, sometimes I stray.

Sometimes I go to lots of inspirational crafty blogs and I drool over their work spaces, their houses, their all-creative-all-the-time lifestyles. And I inevitably start feeling bad about my own. Today it was Sew Liberated. (Now, I really like her and think she is by far the most honest, down to earth craft blogging mama out there.) She had posted about her studio, which I couldn't really tell if it was her space as well or only an art space for her two-year-old son. It doesn't really matter, because her post was about the things for her son. Lots of "stations" and organized activity trays. A cutting station, a mailing station, a clay station. Designated props in a designated space for practicing these necessary skills. I read it and looked at her gorgeous pictures and thought wimpily, "I don't have that. I am a failure."

And then I thought with sudden gusto, "The hell I am!" we don't need a special room for skill activities! We DO those things! In real life! Where things like that really happen every day! Often Anja helps herself to a blank notecard, pen and envelope from the big desk and writes to one of her cousins or grandmas. When I write a letter or card I let the girls place the stamp and seal the envelope. It's real life! And when I am crafting and using such essential skills as cutting, they are cutting alongside me. Real life! I AM NOT A FAILURE!!!!!!! I keep telling myself this. Sometimes I even believe myself!

The other morning Martin made a paper chain counting down to a goal. When he showed it to Anja she asked if he was going to make one for when he never had to go to work again. Ha! He calculated it and found he would need 8,000-something links. Gee, how encouraging.

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Red Herring Jeff said...

Wonderful post! My favorite blogs are real people doing real stuff too...I think it makes us feel a little less alone in a digital world.

I often feel the same way about posts showing all the daily awesomeness, and have to remind myself that I'm only seeing the good times. It's easier to write about those times I guess because we want to share our successes with others. Sometimes though, I enjoy seeing (and showing) disasters. Even just small ones.

Thanks for sharing!

Clare said...

I know what you mean about everyone's "perfect" lives. And Soulemama's 1000 sweaters a year she makes. lol. I assume there is always a "Jones" of the craft world.

Lets be honest, we might be like them if we had unlimited amounts of cash and OUR HUSBANDS WORKED AT HOME. At least thats what I tell myself. In the end, our children will not be worried about our lack of organized craft spaces, they will just be glad we colored pictures with them and played with them. I think the grass is always greener in other parts of blog land!