Saturday, August 27, 2011

Man vs. Woman

This post is dedicated to all the friends and family out east who are probably getting a lot of extra crafting time as Irene moves in and keeps them inside for a few days!

We have three chain craft stores in our town: Michael's, Jo-Ann's, and Hobby Lobby. I really like Hobby Lobby and they have BY FAR the best paper supply of anyone. But their fabric and notions and yarn selections are less than impressive, so I don't usually even think to go there. I mean, unless I'm looking for ultra-cheesy raffia-covered holiday decor. Which I'm not. Ever. So I usually have to choose between Michael's and Jo-Ann's. And this would be my review of them: (picture is of the knitting project piece I finished last night with only that much yarn left!! And since the skein came from the clearance rack at the knitting shop, it was a huge relief not to have to rip out and remake the entire thing a little bit smaller, or go shopping online for some matching yarn!! Thank you, knitting gods!)

Okay, back to my review: I hate Michael's. They have a good paper section. They have an impressive cake decorating section. They have awesome clearance items for incredible prices. But oh my golly that store makes me claustrophobic!! It's so dark and so cluttered and holy moly if I ever take my children there I usually regret it A LOT. Not because they are ill-behaved. THEY never break anything! But if I'm there with my girls I HAVE to get a cart (to keep them contained, and so I'll have a place to keep my goods) and the carts don't fit through the aisles, so I either bump into other customers or knock down entire display racks with my huge cart. (actually, they have those craft store mini-carts, but it doesn't matter. They still feel giant.) You know those terrible strollers with the non-swivel front wheel that you have to move by lifting up the handle and moving it like an inchworm? I have to do that in Michael's with my cart that carries approximately fifty pounds of child as well as all my purchases.

And while I did have a lovely time by myself there the other evening (I tried to put the claustrophobic thoughts away,) overall I'd much rather go to Jo-Ann's.

And evidently, so would Greta!

Last night was Friday night and we felt like we needed something to do. We had the idea of going to a kid-friendly place to get drinks of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety, but Greta said she wanted to go to Jo-Ann's. (Out of the blue, this was her suggestion.) It just so happened that I needed to get a zipper for a project that was almost finished, so it was really a good idea. The problem was that when we were finished there it was 7:30, on a gorgeous Friday night, so everyplace was PACKED. And with two little ones and it being coming up on bedtime, we didn't really feel like playing the restaurant waiting game. Sad. But at least I got my zipper, and Greta picked it out and it just happened to be the EXACT coordinating color to my project! When it's finished I'll try to remember to post a picture. It's a little wallet. So Greta was definitely my little craft fairy last night.

And I enjoy so much being in Jo-Ann's, with it's brightness and well-displayed items. It is a cheery experience! Not like barfy Michael's. Gloom.


Sarah said...

Hobby Lobby may have the best selection, but it is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E to go there with children. In fact, Christopher generally refused to go in because it make him so nervous! And then there was that one time when my children not only broke something but peed in the aisle as well.

Clare said...

We have Michael's and JoAnns and they are building a Hobby Lobby (which I do not like so much because they seem to have a ton of stuff that I don't need, and little of what I do!) in Winchester. We have the opposite problem. JoAnns is a nightmare here. they have big carts and small aisles and terrible organization, no bathroom and the ladies are soooooo grouchy and mean to my kids. But sometimes you HAVE to go to JoAnns. You know? I think we need to start an awesome fabric, yarn, and paper chain store. We could call it "Craftastic" because that is what it would be. And how could you not say "Craftastic" and not be inspired!!!