Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleep? Sleep?!?! SLEEEEEEEPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anja has been sleeping well for the past two nights!! Not only that, but she's also been taking three hour naps!! This is wonderful on so many levels. For one thing, it guarantees a happy baby in the morning AND in the afternoons. Aside from that, it means that Martin and I are getting more sleep. Everyone wins! Funnily, she is coming up on her 14-month birthday and the manager at University Books has told Martin that his son (now grown up) woke up every two hours every night until he was fourteen months old, and then he magically started sleeping through the night. I don't expect Anja to sleep through the night, but only waking up three or four times is a huge improvement!

Happy New Year to all. I really hate New Years. I know I go off on a rant about this on this day every year, but I'll just recap my life again: I've only ever had ONE great New Years Eve. And, it was really fun... but still. Over twenty-five years, you'd think I'd have more than one. Tonight we will be partying it up in true Schap style. We are tossing around the idea of inviting our parents over to play games, but more likely we'll end up playing games by ourselves. We won't toast in 2009 because we haven't bought alcohol in more than six months, and we won't go out for all the obvious reasons. Maybe we'll pop popcorn and share a ginger ale. And I highly doubt we'll be staying up until midnight.

But that's okay, I'm really not complaining. Someday when our kids are older New Years will be fun again because at least THEY will get excited for it, and we'll always let them stay up till midnight. Maybe we'll even start a fun New Years tradition with them. Who knows!

Martin has a half day today! If Anja is not napping when he gets off work, we're going to meet up someplace. I'd like to buy a wireless card today for our computer so that we can set up the wireless internet. I'm really looking forward to early-morning blog and email checking in my pajamas. We've been meaning to get the wireless card since Boxing Day, but we just keep not doing it.

Anja is awake!


Anna said...

Annie, I am sending you wine! For shame!!!!


LauraSuz said...

Your New Years Eve plans sound a lot like ours. Cheers to us.

Clare said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for all the nice things you said about us on your blog!! And I really do love your little cottage house! Nick said he would have liked it more if he weren't so tall... I think he felt like a giant! But we all had such a great time!! On our way back we hit a huge storm and thought we saw a tornado!!!