Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Bash

Yesterday was our party for Anja's birthday. We originally invited all our family members and friends (via facebook) but then the girls got these monster colds last week that by Saturday night had morphed into croup for Anja and just an icky bad cold for Greta. On Sunday we went to different masses alone and kept the girls home. We didn't cancel the party, but we advised people not to come, so it ended up just being the hardcore family members: The Grandparents. And AunT! And it turned out to be perfect. Very low-key, Anja woke up awhile after everyone got there in a great mood, Greta slept for most of the party, only joining us at the very end (also in a great mood) and since it was just familiar faces, Anja was her usual, comfortable self the entire time. It was great! It was SO MUCH FUN to bring her out and tell her that everyone was here for her birthday party. She was so thrilled. She was even more thrilled when after a round of "Happy Birthday to You" we all sang "B-I-N-G-O" to her! SHE LOVED IT!!! I realize I look like I have a ginormous belly in this picture, but really it's just Figgy's dark pants behind mine.

I have to say, our families have done a magnificent job of gift-giving in the past two years. Our girls have only received thoughtful, wonderful gifts. Our house is not full of junk that is thoughtlessly given as "just another toy." My mom gave her this little soft farm book that comes with little animals that are housed in their own barn. She gave her this because Anja loves this Little Red Riding Hood book of my mom's that is the same style. So far I don't think she's figured out that the animals and the book go together, but she is loving playing with the animals and the barn! She also gave her a little wooden stool for her table in the kitchen. It's perfect. Martin's mom gave her the most hilarious red knit dress that is actually REALLY CUTE, if maybe meant for a slimmer two-year-old. When she opened it, she wanted to put it on... and as soon as it was on, she ran away saying "red! red!" and got her matching red shoes. She is too cute!The umbrella came from Martin and me. Mrs. Schap also gave her a pile of bangle bracelets, which is a perfect Anja gift. TusaRebecca gave her a storybook and a package of tiny barettes, which she was absolutely thrilled with!!!! Give this girl fashion accessories and she's happy. Last Christmas we were so pleased with the things people gave her. Really thoughtful gifts that are perfectly suited for our home and for Anja. I hope the trend continues forever!! A cute picture of Greta and her Grandmamma.

The colds that the girls got last week have finally made it through all of us. Martin and I are in the thick of it now, and Anja is mostly better. She just has a lingering cough. Greta is still pretty snotty, but I bet she'll be lots better by tomorrow. This thing lasts forever! I have a feeling we'll all be coughing for the rest of the winter. Bleh.

This is Anja at our last trip to the Stuckey Farm orchard, the day we lost Cook Baby. Did I ever mention on here that Cook Baby was retrieved? She was. And she received a beautiful green sweater from Aunt Anna for Anja's birthday!

Anja received a package in the mail today from her Auntie Joannie! So exciting!!! She got a set of wooden blocks and a card with cupcakes on the front that she carried around with her for a long time.

I met my sister and brother-in-law at the CHOICES meeting tonight. I missed most of it because I took such a long time getting out of the house, and when I got home bedtime was a complete disaster, but oh well. The girls are finally down now and maybe we'll have a better night than last night, when Greta woke up screaming bloody murder at 4:00 and I found a wadded up piece of packing tape inside her pajamas. What the heck!? Who knows how it got there, or how she made it until 4:00 without noticing!

And what's the only thing worse than congratulating someone on her pregnancy when she isn't actually pregnant at all? When the roles are reversed! Ouch! Looks like I'll be asking for a gym membership for Christmas!


LauraSuz said...

I love that top picture. So sweet...

Clare said...

Happy Birthday little Anja!! Glad she had such a special day!

and Annie, YOU SO DON't LOOK EVEN SLIGHTLY PREGNANT!!!! You must be crazy! Ha!

Anonymous said...

What a happy day. You aren't pregnant, are you, Annie!

Annie said...

No, no, no. I think everyone has misunderstood. I am very much NOT PREGNANT. But someone came up to me and said brightly (practically patting my pooch) "And you're expecting again!" Um, no. Sorry. We were both embarrassed, but oh well....

And thanks, Laura! I think it is one of her best... and Martin has requested a print of it for his bulletin board at work, so it must be cute!