Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Post

I really have to be using my time more wisely than this, because we're almost to the middle of November and I have zero, I repeat, ZERO Christmas presents finished. Many have been started and scrapped. One has been started and not yet scrapped. Three are still sitting in my head, not started. Yikes! I'm going to be a busy, busy bee from now until Christmas Eve.

We've all been sick since the middle of last week. We're still snotty and coughing, though I don't think we're contageous anymore. That's good. Still, it's hard to have Anja and Greta snotty because tiny noses are hard to wipe.

We have a wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon. For the last wedding we were supposed to attend, I could barely zip up my dress (I have one nurseable fancy dress that I have worn to every wedding/semiformal event since Anja was born) so I kind of sank into a mild depression and refused to go. That was in August. I'm hoping that Saturday sees better results and that I don't have to make up some lame story for my in-laws to explain why we're not going.

I am currently reading Amanda Blake Soule's "The Creative Family" and it makes me feel good about myself. So far, much of her ideas are things I already do, or have already planned to do when Anja is a little older. However, I'm still getting good ideas and I am really loving reading it.

Ok, time to get back to the crafting!!!!


LauraSuz said...

I love that quilt in the back ground.

Anne said...

Even though I have not read more than a couple pages of the previous book you recommended (I'm just too hooked on Austen right now!!!) I LOVE book recommendations from friends.

This book is actually available on google books for free. It looks great! I just requested it from the library. I'm third in line so maybe by the time I get it, I'll be done with Austen! :o)

Mary Sheiko said...

I'm glad you're all feeling better! Have you ever used Boogie Wipes? They're small, nice-smelling saline wipes and they make cleaning up snotty or crusty noses so much more pleasant for both mom and little one.

Anonymous said...

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