Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saved by the Stick People

The following is a post I made last night up at my parents. I will make another post tomorrow, with pictures from today's birthday party!

This afternoon on this absolutely gorgeous day we took a walk downtown. We went to Two Tulips to look for possible birthday presents for Anja, and we were successful. We had really wanted to get her a stuffed squirrel, and specifically were hoping for a squirrel puppet from Von's, but Martin checked and they didn't have any. So that's disappointing, but we did find a really cute ladybug umbrella and this stuffed animal that we're not sure if it's a rabbit or a dog, but Anja really liked it. We were able to get her to put things back at the store, even her most favorite things, but as we were walking home, she spotted the end of the umbrella poking out of the shopping bag. And she threw a giant fit, as any two-year-old would. Once we got home she was still screaming, and since she has this cold it was a really miserable sight, with snot oozing and bubbling out of her nostrils and drool hanging from her chin. But then Martin totally saved the day by getting out his saw and making her a little family of stick people! SHE LOVES THEM!! There's a mama, daddy, baby and dog! I swear, sometimes I don't know why I don't join the workforce and let Martin stay home with the girls. Last night Anja kept saying "star" over and over again, which is confusing since it also sounds just like "heart" and we couldn't figure out what start/heart she was talking about. Finally, Martin suggested that they go draw stars and hearts together and then she could color them. Brilliant!
We're up at my parents' house for dinner tonight, so I'm blogging from their computer, but in our back-and-forth saga with Comcast, it seems we've won, maybe by their mistake, but hey, we'll take it! We've been told so many different current and changing rates and it's been kind of a huge mess, but today we got a bill that was only $2.25 more

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Beth said...

Yesterday my friend and I were talking about working and having the husbands stay home b/c they seem so much smarter when coming up with games to play or things to make for the kids! I cracked up when I saw the comment in your post about Martin staying home! Too funny!