Friday, November 6, 2009


Anja has been sick with a cold. Poor baby! Yesterday was the worst; today she seems to be feeling a lot better. I hope she's back to her old self by Sunday for her birthday party!

Martin is calling Comcast today during his lunch break to tell them that a $30 increase is ridiculous and that we're not paying that, so thanks a latte, but we'll take our business elsewhere. I'm making him do it because while I think it's ridiculous and I am not about to pay $70/month for basic internet, I would just call and say we're cancelling our service, but he wants to put up a fight and see if they'll keep our bill at $40. Meh. We live across from the library and cold winter is coming, so blogging from home would be frigid anyway. I could do without the internet for awhile. And maybe if I didn't have it, I would spend my few-and-far-between spare moments doing something more productive, like working on Christmas presents.

I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee, but those VIA packets made up as a cafe au lait are to die for and I could definitely go for one right now!!!!!

Martin and I might have recently stumbled upon the farm of our dreams. Good thing it isn't for sale, or we'd have to name it The Poor Farm, as opposed to the totally perfect name we are giving our farm on the day we get it. Maybe this place will turn up on the market around the time we're able to get out of our house. That'd be good. Until then, our next project is turning the Big Back Room into our bedroom.... again. Hopefully this time it'll work out a little better, and then the girls can have their own room!

So, this might be my last blog post for awhile. Don't miss me too much, hahaha!


Beth F said...

I was trying to remember who it was that had their internet bill go up like that and was beginning to think I imagined it.

Interestingly, we got an offer in the mail that would give us internet, phone and cable for something like $70/month. Perhaps your cable company signed you up for a package and you have cable and don't know it :)

Good luck fighting with them, I hear that there is a whole department that will do their best to keep your business.

Mary Sheiko said...

It was me! We have used Verizon for our internet and home phone since we moved here in June 2007. I've called them many, many times to argue down our rates whenever our "coupons" "fall off." That's the key to keeping your current rate, Annie. Any internet company will do the same thing Comcast has done to you - and every time you switch, they'll charge you set up fees.

FYI, I called Comcast at one point to ask about their rates. I'm pretty tricky when it comes to dealing these silly salesmen and customer service reps. They had a fantastic deal all prepared for me, but it still wasn't as good as our Verizon deal. The guy even TOLD ME that the key to getting a good deal is calling periodically to ask (or demand) a good one. It's so true.

Mary Sheiko said...

Oh, it's the Customer Retention Department. Just call Comcast and ask to speak with them. And then demand that you get your old deal back or you're switching to someone else. They'll kiss your behind to keep you.

Ann in LA said...

I miss you already!