Monday, December 7, 2009

Better to Do

I swear, they do some kind of story that has to do with Twitter EVERY DAY on npr. I am so sick of it! Why do you have to keep telling me so blatantly that nobody in our country has enough to do?!? I know that there are people who are very against blogging and Facebook, etc., and I do kind of admire them... more for being against Facebook. I myself am completely addicted to Facebook, and after I've spent a stupid amount of time webstalking people I feel like a complete loser and go around for the rest of my day/night thinking about what better things I could have been doing with my time. Blogging is a little bit different... blogging is more like a journal. I mean, you do get something out of keeping an online account of your life... you get to look back on it and laugh, and blogs can be helpful things when looking for advice and opinions, inspiration, etc. So blogs are different. Facebook stinks. And this is coming from someone who thinks about checking Facebook way more often than I actually check it, which is very embarrassing.

Anyway, I think that Twitter takes this whole online social networking thing to a whole, disgusting new level. In fact, I'm so fired up about it right now that I'm sort of speechless. I can't think of the words to describe its stupidity. And you call your little entries of what you're doing this very instant "tweets"? OH MY GOSH. That's right. For those of you unfamiliar with it, on Twitter, you "tweet." Which is to say, you update your life moment-by-moment for all to read. "Hey, online world! I'm going to the bank!" "Hey cyberspace! I'm taking out the trash!" "Hey, billions of people with nothing better to do with your time! I'm brushing mats out of my dog's hair! And thinking about how much of a waste your life will look like when you are eighty-nine years old and in a nursing home remembering your youth!" I know this is harsh. Maybe some of you reading are really into Twitter. But seriously. Status Updates on facebook are stupid, pointless, and insanely addicting. I actually do make status updates that are as ridiculously lame as "I'm taking out the trash." But that's what I do when I'm also looking at newly posted photos of my nieces and nephews. Twitter just seems so far below that.

I dunno. Maybe it has something to do with my dislike of video games and seeing the similarity between the two, as far as being complete wastes of time. Maybe it's because the guy I dated in highschool played so many video games that for Christmas his family gave me a "bored girlfriend survival kid" full of other things to do... cute crafts and things, in fact... for when he wouldn't put down his game controllers, even though I was right there. BTW, his parents were so nice! For more reasons than just giving me funny gifts, that also included a very cute little dragon teapot. Well, anyway, I've gotten way off topic now.

Whatever. Twitter is lame. The end.


LauraSuz said...

I agree! I've never understood it. I take that back - I understand it and it's stupid.

Sarah said...

Haha!! I love this post. Twitter is REALLY stupid. And I think that your last tweet example may have been too long -- you are limited in your word usage, you know. And I hate facebook too . . . but I am oh, so addicted. How embarassing.

Beth F said...

I have a twitter account. Wait, put down that knitting needle. I signed up to see what all the hype was about, I even posted a few comments here and there, I even had tweets come to my phone. (And let me tell you, there are only so many times that the Flylady can txt you to remind you to "shine your sink" or "drink your water" or "fold your laundry" before she starts sounding like a nagging mother.)

I did find out that with a registered starbucks card, you can get a free coffee on your birthday.

That was the extent of my joy with twitter. I still have the account but I don't update, I don't look at it, I don't follow anyone any more.

So I guess I am saying...I don't understand it, I don't get it. It is lame-o.

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Confession.. Sometimes I read the celebrity tweets..