Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Joy Bubble Went *Pop*

So, yeah.... remember my elation over our new wireless internet? All the joy I found in looking up recipes in my kitchen? How it made me a better mom because instead of just hanging around on my blog all day (as I had expected myself to do) I actually looked up crafts and things to do with Anja, and we made a paper plate wreath and were going to make play-dough ornaments, but I was all out of salt. AND, we were listening to Christmas music nonstop on Pandora (which I often call "manna" because it is heaven-sent) and having a jolly time, all the time. I ACTUALLY CHECKED MY EMAIL. Miracle!

Well, then tonight we started hearing this horrible noise and realized it was coming from our laptop. It had gone all crazy, and we still don't know what went wrong, or how it went wrong, or why it was making this awful noise. But anyway, it's dead now and we don't know how to fix it, so don't expect to see me around this blog very often after all. It's back to the dark ages for me. *tear*

It's not like we don't have internet though, so I still do have a link (haha! That's like a pun!) to the outside world. It's just that it's a very, very COLD link, being here in the unheated Big Back Room....

Anyway. Martin's old hip injury has flared up so he's kind of an invalid, poor boy! Many pain pills and lying on a heating pad. I'm glad I'm not an athlete of any sort! Best to be lazy and fat and in one piece that physically fit and lying on a heating pad, in my opinion. Just teasing, Martino! I feel sorry for you, and I'm glad you're physically fit!


Anonymous said...

When a computer starts making noises, it's probably the hard drive. I assume that can be replaced, but you may need to pay someone to recover the contents.


Annie said...

Luckily, the contents had just been backed up to our amazing detached hard drive (what's it really called?) that I got for my birthday!.... FROM YOU!

LauraSuz said...

It was great to see you today! It had been too long!