Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the Eve of Christmas Eve...

Ugh. I don't know how long it's been since I've read ANYONE's blog. How depressing.

What's not depressing is that tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! I am soooooooo excited for Christmas this year. It actually FEELS like Christmas to me, and I'm ridiculously thrilled to give our gifts to their recipients and most of all to bring Anja downstairs on Christmas morning. Martin and I are a little bit sad that it's going to be a few years before we can be back at the Midnight Mass, but that's okay. I'm sure the 4:30 will have a sweetness of its own. In any case, it'll be better than last year when I don't think Santa Claus even visited our house and we bolted out the door first thing in the morning to make it to the 7:30 mass like a couple of old people. That was less than fun. This year everything is better. I have basically finished my shopping... one thing I finally thought to get for Martin I can easily pick up tomorrow afternoon, and if I don't get it, oh well. It's not that special anyway. Tonight we are going to sip hot cocoa in our HUGMUGS that we recieved for our anniversary from the Watsons (THANKS!!!) and finish up all the wrapping and the small bit of crafting we have left to do. Then I will organize the present according to family/child/santa/mommy and daddy and go to bed knowing that tomorrow all I need to do is cook and bake. Well, and get that one thing for Martin... but that hardly counts. Martin works until 11:00 tomorrow. Hopefully I can get two pies made and a venison roast simmering in the crock pot all before he gets home. Anja getting a nap tomorrow is A MUST, and we'll go to the 4:30 mass at St. B with my parents and Martin's family, then back to my parents' house for dinner and Christmas with them. On Christmas Day we will be our own little family and have our little presents and a nice breakfast of venison roast, (which I intend to cook overnight in the crock pot) and fried potatoes or oven fries, then we'll head up to Chicago after breakfast for Christmas with the Schap side of the family. It'll be a busy, but festive couple of days!

For now I must go tend to fussy Greta so Martin can make the hot locolate. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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