Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here are some pictures from our wonderful holiday weekend. Crazy face in the mirror.
Old friends! Emily and Perkins (and Joel, not pictured) came for dinner the night after Thanksgiving. It was so nice!

The burley man who cut down our chosen Christmas tree for us took this family picture. We love going to the tree farm to get our tree! They don't let you cut it yourself, but you do get to go out to the little tree field and pick it out, then the man comes and finds you with his wagon and his chainsaw and cuts your tree down, then gives you a ride back on the wagon. Anja loved it!
They have candy canes for the kiddies, and she loved that too. Her first one!
Old friends, Tim and Joel. Tim is holding his baby, Belle, who is three months younger than Greta. Joel has Greta.
Mama and baby
Anja rocking her baby by the "fireplace"

Is there anything cuter than a toddler who just discovered putting olives on her fingers?!? Delightful. She loves olives!


Anne said...

Okay - I am totally disoriented. Where the heck is that fireplace?! I don't remember a fireplace there!

We love picking at our Christmas tree at a tree farm, too. But I think we'd probably have to travel a ways to find one around here, so instead we'll probably get one from a parking lot. Romantic, I know. :o)

Also I was going to comment on FB that I really liked the first tree Anja picked out. Normally I want a tree as big as I can find, but this year I'm looking for a small little tabletop tree and Anja's choice looked perfect! Maybe I should take her with me when I go!! :o)

Annie said...

Her tree WAS very cute... and what we get is a tabletop tree, (which I think is a perfect way to do it) but the tree she picked was actually REALLY SMALL. The bigger one is a little on the big side for our table, but I think the one she picked, though perfect in every other way, wouldn't have even held all of our ornaments.

E said...

cute pictures Annie!!!