Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blogging? What's that?

Oh my. I not only feel like I am never going to keep up with this blog again, but that I don't even have anything to say! My life has never been overly exciting, but these days it's just plain boring. We are in a nice routine at home. Actually, scratch that... ANJA is in a nice routine at home. Greta, on the other hand, seems to have fast-forwarded through her childhood and now is in teenager mode, staying up late and sleeping till noon. We had one lovely night when she went to bed at 7:00 and slept until 7:30 the next morning (not straight through by any means, but she didn't get up to play) but except for that one night, she's been going down anywhere between 7:00 and 9:00 and then waking up an hour later, wide awake, happy, screeching, smiling, playing, etc. At least she doesn't wake up screaming. I mean, it could be worse. But still. Sometimes I crave sleep.

Anyway, enough complaining. Our days have been delightful! This week I've been taking Martin to work in the morning and having the car for myself in order to do some Christmassy kinds of things. On Wednesday I left the girls with my mom for awhile and got some hardcore shopping done. I scored big at Old Navy, where I was not shopping for my girls, but someone else, and could not pass up the amazing sales they were having! I got Anja an ADORABLE red toggle coat for an amazing price, as well as a matching Fair Isle knit hat and mittens set. At Once Upon a Child I got a few books for the girls and some wooden toys for Greta. I bought the toys new because I had no idea that they sell used toys along the back wall. My sister told me later that day. I have never gone to the back wall because that's where the big kid clothes are and I've never had reason to go back there! I feel slightly cheated, but I don't mind so much. I didn't pay much for the things I got Greta and I think she'll like them. Especially the funny little Melissa & Doug caterpillar thingy.

Letsee, what else. Since Martin's injury last week (he's still not recovered) we lost some time on our Christmas crafting, and so the trikes are going to be an Easter present to the girls instead. This is fine, because Martin will be able to spend an appropriate amount of time on them and they'll get to ride them outside right away. My felted blocks for Greta turned out to be disasterous, (which is why I had to buy her some toys) but oh well. I'm really excited for Christmas. I can't wait for Anja to come downstairs and see that Santa Claus has come in the night and eaten up the cookies we are going to leave for him and left presents for her and Greta. Really, really, really, I'm excited.

Yesterday the girls and I went out to visit MaryGrace and Mrs. Smith! It was a lovely break in our day, and Anja just loves to be social, even though you wouldn't believe it by the way she just plays by herself the whole time. After that we came to my mom's house and then were surprised by an invitation out to Moe's for dinner with everyone. Anja was sooooooooo excited to go to dinner with her cousins, and she was wearing some very pretty new pajamas that were purple and had cats on them. Her Ooma gave them to her when she spilled water all over her clothes. Plus, it was pretty much bedtime.

So, seriously, I'm a very boring person lately. We just kind of hang out, run a few errands... we went to the grocery store today and Anja got to ride in the car cart, and she was SO EXCITED. Then her hair got really staticky and she looked hilarious. She's taken to wearing these hot pink leg warmers with everything and she puts them on herself. In fact, she's getting really good at dressing herself and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Time to go pick up Martin from work! (I'm at my mom's. Anja wants to spend all of her time here now.)


Anne said...

I saw your updated blog on my sidebar and I thought to myself, "Yay! One of my favorite blogs to read!"

I'm determined to see you guys over the holiday. We're coming in Monday, so I'll have Laura get in touch with you! :o)

Also: we're boring'd be nice to have someone to be boring with occasionally!

LauraSuz said...

Thanks for coming over! The kiss that Anja gave MG and the thank you she gave me are too cute for words!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the little elves who visited our house yesterday!!!