Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodbye, Bont-Bont!

So, I’m not the kind of person who feels very comfortable forcing my kids into doing things…. You can see this by the fact that Greta is still nursing at night, even though I hate it. But what can I do?  It is the way she goes to sleep, it is a comfort thing to her, and I don’t feel like it’s spoiling her… especially since nursing has all those huge benefits.  (Even if I’m not especially feeling those benefits lately, I’m sure she is!)  So anyway, up until this week, Anja had still been going to bed with a bottle of milk.  I could tell she was growing out of it because she would drink down her bottle, hand it to me, and then flop over and go to sleep.  We had suggested a couple of times that she go to bed without it and she was excited until it was actually time to go to bed, and then she decided she’d rather try another night.  I started to worry that she’d be taking her bottle off to college with her, until about five days ago, we lost it.  I have NO IDEA where that bottle could be.  We have looked everywhere, but it’s vanished.  So the first night that we couldn’t find it, we were a little bit nervous… we told Anja it was lost and we gave her a mug of milk before bed.  And she was totally fine with it, and drank her milk and went to sleep.  I am worried that someday I’ll stumble upon it and it will be who-knows-what color… but I try not to think about that part of it and just be glad that Anja was so awesome about the whole change.  So it was forced, I guess… but it was kind of a natural force.  

However, tonight she had a hard time falling asleep.  She said it’s because I kept covering her up with her blankets and she was hot.  (I was covering her up because I was freezing!!)  So Martin took her out to the Starbucks drive-thru to get me a beverage.  Yumm.  And when they get back, Martin is going to put her to bed and I’m going to sip my yummy beverage and begin work on the robes I’ve promised to make the girls.  I spent $16 of my own money and a $30 gift card at Jo-Ann’s and I got some seriously cute flannel to make these robes.  I really hope they turn out!  I also had in my cart a number of remnants, but I knew I wouldn’t have enough money for them, so I put them back…. All except one that I needed for another project.  But when I got to the car I realized I’d also bought another remnant that I’d meant to put back…. And annoyingly, it was one that I had chosen to be the trim of a tablecloth I intended to make with a different remnant that I HAD remembered to put back.  Bah!  However… all things work out in some way and I have already found another project for that nice piece of brown fabric.

Because I don’t think you can return remnants, can you?

You might remember my recent post about the UPS truck always parking across the street and my longing to receive a surprise package from that truck.  Well, today it actually happened!  The girls and I were sitting on the couch reading stories and I saw the UPS truck park in the usual spot and I thought sadly, “another package, not for me.” But then BANG-BANG!—I DID get a package!  And it was a total surprise, although as soon as I picked up the box, I knew what it was.  It was Anna Maria Horner’s “Handmade Beginnings,” a book I’ve been drooling over for a very long time and was talking to Martin about last night.  And while I was talking, and not paying attention, he got on Amazon and ordered it for me. I had no idea!  So it was a big, wonderful surprise today.  And I want to make pretty much every pattern in the book.  I think my first will be the booties…. Because I have plenty of fabric for them.  In fact, I might end up making multiple pairs.  But I also want to make the Four Corners shirt and the Mariposa tunic.

My belly is mostly still fat, which is annoying, but I’m starting to wear my smallest pregnancy clothes.  My sister brought a huge box of shared stuff over this weekend and I’d forgotten about some of those cutie clothes!  Being pregnant is kind of exciting because you get a whole new wardrobe for free. 
My pictures aren’t working again. Sorry.


Jill said...

I LOVE that book!!! I've made the little dress - it's so fun! And the pants are really fun, too - they come together really quickly.
Anna Maria has a blog - I think you would like it.

Elisabeth said...

I wouldn't feel bad about Greta nursing at night still. I think I might just be able to wean Xavi before he heads off to college... ;) (At least that's my response when people start questioning me!!!) lol

Annie said...

Jill: I imagine I will be making many pairs of the pants and the booties, especially. I will check out her blog, I didn't know she had one! Thanks!

Elisabeth: It's not that I feel EMOTIONALLY bad about still nursing Greta... I mean, it doesn't embarrass me or anything. It's more of a PHYSICAL loathing of the habit. Specifically the fact that I have no milk (she tells me, in a tone that suggests I should fix that problem NOW) combined with the tenderness of the "nursers" as she calls them... it's just not such an enjoyable activity anymore. Nursing is lovely! Nurse as long as you can, and don't let anyone talk you down! I just think that mine and Greta's nursing relationship has exceeded it's natural lifespan and now it's on life support, and to be brutally honest.... it's just time to pull the plug.

Ann in LA said...

Anna Maria Horner is teaching a class at a sewing store near me! I was so excited until I found out it's $100 and on a Tuesday afternoon, and I'm pretty sure I can't bring three kids. Oh well.

kels said...

you can blame Jennifer for the UPS man visits... she's ordering all her school books! :)